TRU47 Assorted Silver Infused Gifts for Father's Day

Shower Him with Silver this Father’s Day

Originally established back in 1910 on the third Sunday in June to honor fathers everywhere, Father’s Day did not officially become a permanent annual national holiday until 1972 when then President Nixon signed it into law. We do not need a law to appreciate all the hard work that dads do day-in and day-out to keep our families safe and supported, but it is nice to be able to celebrate the men in our lives on a special day set aside just for them. 

Of course, fathers come in all shapes and incarnations, with a myriad of interests to match. In addition to our own fathers, there are grandfathers and father figures, step fathers and foster fathers, fathers-in-law and fathers in religious settings. Father Time and Father Christmas share accolades with the fathers of new discoveries and inventions adding paternal professions to the mix. No matter the role or reason, fathers of all kinds play an important role in our world. 

So, while we are raising a toast to dads everywhere – in a proverbial silver goblet – we want to recognize the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, for being among the first to recognize the healing benefits and antimicrobial properties of silver, back in the 4th Century BC. 

His findings set off a parade of medical discoveries and sanitizing products designed to send bacteria packing. Back in the day, Roman and Greek artisans crafted silver goblets to keep beverages untainted for their wealthy patrons. In the 1800s, families of means and pioneering folks dropped silver coins into their water supply to keep it pure and fresh, and the 1900s saw doctors using silver backed instruments, silver sutures and wound coverings to ensure medical procedures that were infection free. Their use of silver as an antimicrobial agent throughout history ultimately led to the creation of our 99.99% pure ionically plated silver masks, silver mists and spritzes, Stellarcleenz® wipes and custom formulated inhalers. 

This Father’s Day, while we are thanking all the “fathers of” for keeping us safe from harm, we’d like to share some great gift ideas that will keep them protected too while they are doing the things they love to do! 

For the golfer, our silver gloves are the perfect fit for gripping clubs, retrieving errant golf balls and tackling tees without worrying about what else may be lurking on those dirty exposed surfaces. 

Tennis players will appreciate having sanitized Stellarcleenz silver wipes with them when wiping the sweat, grime and germs from their rackets, foreheads and hands. 

If dad travels for business, send him off with a reusable silver mask. Not only are they federally mandated on airplanes, trains and buses, they offer layers of protection in public settings wherever dad goes. They are uniquely designed to be breathable, comfortable and washable without diminishing their proprietary built-in bacteria inhibiting properties. Actually, washing is optional because silver self-sanitizes, another bonus for pop! 

If boating calls your dad, there’s nothing quite like our pure mineral SunShield to protect him from harmful rays while he’s out under the sun, along with our moisturizing Silver Gelee, the perfect lotion when “the Captain” has been out on the ocean, created with colloidal silver and essential oils to soothe as it blocks opportunistic bacteria! 

A home run for shielding Baseball fans from the grit of the game, our silver bandanas and silver spritzes keep over-zealous cheering squads from spreading their views and boos too close to dad! 

If pampering your pop is what you want to do, then check out our silver facial toners, designed to hydrate and calm skin while delivering potent anti-oxidants that improve moisture and PH balance and gently removing dull dead skin cells to reveal glowing, luminous, fresh skin. He’ll not only look like the hero he is, he’ll feel like it too! 

We’ve got custom formulated colloidal silver and pure essential oil inhalers to wake dads up or help them sleep, silver spritzes to keep surfaces, bathrooms and stinky feet odor and bacteria free, and Stellarcleenz mitts and handle covers to banish the bad guys from making contact with dear old dad. 

Father’s Day is only a few days away. Imagine how surprised your father will be when you shower him with silver this year!