Silver Gifts: Essentials for All on Your List

Silver Gifts: Essentials for All on Your List

Silver is our obsession at TRU47. Not just because it is beautiful, easy on the eye and shimmering with good taste, but because of its priceless value in protecting our health.

Naturally resistant to any number of germs, bacteria and invading viruses, silver is also sustainable and self-sanitizing, a great return on investment no matter how you look at it. Plus, it’s uniquely adaptable for many different applications. It has been used in coin form to purify water, wine and milk; shaped into goblets, urns, plates and utensils to defy deadly bacteria from infecting us as we eat and drink; and threaded into fabrics to protect people from pathogens, whether airborne or on the surfaces we touch.

Essential Silver Gifts for All on Your List

Every one of our products is silver based, from the sanitized face coverings and 99% ionically plated silver fabrics to custom formulated spritzes and mists containing colloidal silver to enhance the wellbeing of our customers. You’ll find pure Silver Scarves that wrap you in elegance while protecting you from bacteria that compromise your health, a collection of 19 Silver Masks that make it easier to find your breath in our COVID-crazy world and Silver Gloves that are soft on your hands and tough on bacteria.

You can Silver Spritz your way through contaminated surfaces with six different formulas, sanitizing as you go, and StellarCleenz Cloths, Mitts and Handle Wraps can help protect everything you touch and more importantly, things others have touched.  Our silver armor tackles odors too, whether you mist your masks to keep them smelling fresh, aromatic and bacteria-free or don fabrics that are self-sanitizing and odor-resistant no matter if you never wash them.

We even infuse our Nasal Inhalers with the antiviral properties of colloidal silver, mix them with pure organic essential oils and minerals, and package them in colorful easy-to-find purse and pocket sizes to carry with you and use everywhere you go. They are specifically created to help you boost your immune system, relieve allergies, stress less, sleep tight, focus, wake up, think thin and more. Priced under $20, they are a priceless health investment you can bank on.

With all the uncertainties and untimely viruses making the rounds this holiday season, gift them something that invests in their good health. They’ll not only appreciate the care you put into their gift, they’ll feel better about being protected too. So will you.

For wellness-oriented gift ideas wrapped in silver, take a look at our complete TRU47 collection here.  And take care of the ones you love!