Spring Flowers in Field: Ways to Overcome Spring Fever and Seasonal Discomfort

The TRUth Behind Spring Fever
and Ways to Overcome Seasonal Discomforts

The Upside and Downside of Spring

Every year at this time, with a simple turn of the clock, calendar and the celestial equinox, the Earth heralds the arrival of spring and returns to a place of perfect balance, when day and night are the same length.

 Historically, the Spring Equinox has become a symbol for rebirth, fertility, and new beginnings. Flowers begin to bud and bloom, trees turn over a new leaf, plants perk up and we, antsy after our long winter’s nap, head outside to experience life in the sweet spring air. That we also feel a touch of spring fever – that irrepressible feeling that has us longing to stay and play outdoors ­– is a given.

 While just the thought of spring tends to put a smile on our faces, there is scientific proof that the season makes people feel better. Studies note that the more time people spend outside on a sunny spring day, the better their mood. It is also well documented that people afflicted with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) begin to feel better in the spring. That’s generally attributed to the effect of sunlight. It keeps our bodies synchronized to earth and our circadian clock, allowing us to sleep better and wake refreshed, and gives us more energy to do more during the daylight hours.

But did you know that spring fever is an actual disease? It’s been around since the 1700s and 1800s, and it was a catch-all phrase for springtime illnesses that involved fatigue, malaise, easy bruising, bone pain, hemorrhaging of the scalp and gums, and poor wound healing. Today, doctors attribute these ailments to a diet deficient in fresh fruits, vegetables and Vitamin C, not enough exercise, and a lack of Vitamin D, which we naturally soak in from the sun.

Today, we also recognize that the blooms of spring also blossom with allergens, asthma, Lyme and other seasonal ailments that could make the spring fever of old a real thing for many of us who struggle with them. Which is why some of us greet the warming weather with a bit of mixed feelings and inevitable apprehension.

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Silver Infused Spring Remedies & Relief

At TRU, we turn to silver, Earth’s go-to, non-invasive protective antibiotic, to shield us from airborne enemies responsible for our springtime sneezes and potential debilitating diseases.

So, we can breathe in those springtime breezes, our essential-oil-fortified, silver-infused nasal inhalers, formulated to alleviate stress, boost the immune system, provide allergy relief and more, are a TRU breath of fresh air.

Providing a bouquet of soothing health benefits in a silver bottle, our Silver Infused Organic Essential Oil Collections make good sense year-round, but in spring they can help purify the air in our homes or office when diffused, perfect for dispersing allergens that make their way inside through open windows and doors!

And while the weather is warming up, our silver scarves and bandanas are just the thing to wrap around our heads to buffer any bacteria that’s blowing in the air outside.

We’ve all been experiencing cabin fever far too long, so when we give into our version of spring fever and celebrate the bounties of spring, we make sure to bring along our best silver to keep us safe - just in case!