Portable Essential Oil Diffuser
Portable Essential Oil Diffuser
Portable Essential Oil Diffuser
Portable Essential Oil Diffuser
Portable Essential Oil Diffuser

Portable Essential Oil Diffuser

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Take your essential oil therapies and "air care" with you wherever you go! Now you can experience the aromatic benefits in your home, office, car, or even when you travel by including our petite, USB-compatible, TRU47 Portable Diffuser as a daily companion.

Infuse and freshen the air and your surroundings while preserving the integrity and releasing the healing properties of our natural, pure, organic essential oils.

Enhance your mood, elevate your senses or just relax by selecting your favorite TRU47 Organic Essential Oils to take with you and diffuse in any space. No need to add or use water, just add 3-5 drops of oil and turn to operating position. This small, light fan-operated essential oil diffuser is perfect for travel and best suited for cars, desktops and workstations, and will provide aromatic botanical benefits within areas of up to 500 square feet. Essential oils not included.

Benefits of Using a Fan Operated Essential Oil Diffuser:

A valuable investment in your well-being, our portable fan essential oil diffuser can make positive changes in your environment, health and mood:

• Reduce dust and compromising airborne particles 
• Boost and balance mood
• Improve sleep and relaxation
• Release healthy, negative ions into your space

  1. Place the diffuser on a flat surface.
  2. Turn the cover counterclockwise to remove.
  3. Remove round center tray with cotton pad.
  4. Using the dropper, place 3-5 drops of your favorite TRU47 Silver Infused Organic Essential Oil directly onto the cotton. TIP: On first use, fully saturate cotton pad for optimal results.
  5. Place the tray back into the center of the unit making sure the side grooves are aligned.
  6. Place cover back on top and turn clockwise until the working position is met.
  7. The diffuser comes with a built-in battery. To charge, simply plug in using the included USB cable and power adapter.

Color - White
Product Size - (D)76mm×(H)39mm; (D)3in x (H)1.5in
Product Weight - Approximately 78g; 2.75oz
Input - DC 5V 1.0A
Battery - 3.7V / 450mA
Power Approximately: 2W
Charging Time - Approximately 2 hours
Working Mode - Approximately 8 hours
Material - Polypropylene
Included Accessories - Micro-USB Cable, Manual, 3 Essential Oil Cotton Pads & Cartridge