Diffuser Mister Combo

Diffuser Mister Combo

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Now you can have a combo Handheld Mister and Portable Diffuser.

Portable Diffuser: Take your essential oil therapies and "air care" with you wherever you go! Now you can experience the aromatic benefits in your home, office, car, or even when you travel by including our petite, USB-compatible, TRU47 Portable Diffuser as a daily companion.

Infuse and freshen the air and your surroundings while preserving the integrity and releasing the healing properties of our natural, pure, organic essential oils.

Our Handheld Mister: is convenient, compact, rechargeable, reusable, and refillable, and has so many uses. This handy one-touch ultrasonic atomizer and nano mist device will become a daily personal care essential. Portable and easy to use, simply fill to level, close tightly and press the button to start using. Carry in your pocket, handbag or backpack. You will find it impossible to let go or leave behind.

Use as a mini nebulizing diffuser by adding water and a few drops of your favorite TRU47 organic, silver-infused essential oil to take your aroma therapies and air care anywhere you go.

Diffuser Mister Combo