Elasticized Beanie
Elasticized Beanie
Elasticized Beanie

Elasticized Beanie

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TRU47’s ELASTICIZED SILVER KNIT Beanie is made of a single layer of lightweight stretchy 99.99% ionically plated pure silver thread. It's versatile and form fitting design fully shields your head from EMFs, RFs and WIFI waves, with many additional benefits.

Perfect for everyday wear year-round, for practical functional use, under helmets or just smart, flattering headgear.

Silver is thermal conductive and temperature
regulating, incorporating a proprietary textile technology that supports immunity, health & well-being.

Key Wellness Benefits of Silver:
• Antimicrobial & Inhibits the Growth of Germs
• Eliminates the Growth of Odor Causing Bacteria
• Shields and Blocks Radiation from EMFs & RFs
• Supports Healthier Skin and Mitigates Acne
• Promotes Better Blood Circulation
• Thermal Conductive & Temperature Regulating

Germs and bacteria cannot live and grow on silver, therefore less
laundering is required unless unusually soiled - or otherwise desired.
Simply hand wash or machine wash
in warm water on a gentle cycle with mild soap – no bleach.
Air dry or cool tumble. No harsh heat, do not iron and never Dry Clean.