NatureScapes Silver Infused Essential Oil Collection

NatureScapes Silver Infused Essential Oil Collection

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Looking to escape into a grove of citrus trees or even an herb garden? Or maybe a field of wildflowers? Or does the smell of fresh rain in the desert or a walk through the forest sound exhilarating? TRU47 has created an exclusive collection of Silver Infused Organic Essential Oils to infuse these feelings and therapeutic benefits into your space by subtly engaging your olfactory and limbic systems with every air-purifying mist.

All NatureScapes Essential Oils blends are custom formulated, undiluted and organic. They are extracted by pressing the pure life essence from organically sourced plants and botanicals. 

Like no other essential oils, ours are made with Colloidal Silver to help protect against odor-causing bacteria and refresh your environment.

100% Naturally Sourced Ingredients. Pure, Organic Essential Oils. Cruelty Free. No Animal Testing. Made in the USA.

Our NatureScapes Collection Includes:

Citrus Grove Pure Essential Oil Blend: Energizing Mood & Cognitive Support
Desert Rain Pure Essential Oil Blend: Earthy, Healing, Mood & Immunity Support
Forest Bathing Pure Essential Oil Blend: Grounding Mood & Mood Support
Herb Garden Pure Essential Oil Blend: Balancing Mood & Cognitive Support
Wildflower Pure Essential Oil Blend: Uplifting Cognitive & Positive Mood Support

Retail Value for all 5 Exclusive Blends: $160.00

NatureScapes Silver Infused Essential Oil Collection