Daily Mom Features TRU47 in Holiday Gift Guide

TRU47 Featured in Daily Mom
Self Care Gifts for Christmas: Treat Yourself!

Shopping for the holiday season can be rough. Especially on the mommas out there who are so often wearing more than one hat…the most important being “Maker of Magic”. This year, take some time for yourself. Or purchase a self care gift for someone else who could use a little break. Because everyone deserves to feel pampered once in a while!

No. 7

Forget the cotton and disposables when it comes to taking care of yourself and your family. Silver is the new mask of protection and is one of the best self care gifts you can keep and give for a safe social distancing holiday. Tru47 makes 99.99% pure silver masks. The Copper and Silver Pleated Face Mask has both silver and 99.99% copper interior and exterior respectively. Since silver is a proven antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal agent, it makes sense to use these naturally occurring metals in a face mask. You’ll get double the protection combined with comfort. Rest-assured that the copper lining is also known to be an effective disinfectant.

For your significant other, get them the Silver Mesh Mask – Pleated mask. The pure ionic silver protective pleated face shield not only protects during everyday busy-life while social distancing, it’s incredibly pretty. For those who feel like they can’t catch their breath while wearing a mask, this self care gift is highly breathable and is a great choice during any type of activity that increases your respiration. Washing is optional, but not necessary since bacteria absolutely cannot grow on silver.

Finally, as you round out your self-care gifts for the season, protect those little ones we hold dear, our children. The Kids Silver Mesh Mask – Big is proven to combat germs immediately on contact. It’s extremely breathable and comfortable for their soft little fat cheeks and baby-sensitive skin. The 99% pure iconically plated pure silver double-layered mesh is reusable, washable, and eco-friendly. You’ll save tons on disposal masks and will be healthily protecting those you love. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for the health-conscious family in your life. 

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