Christmas Tree Image: Medium Features TRU47 in Women's Holiday Gift Guide

Medium Features TRU47 in Holiday Gift Guide
Gifts Every Woman will Love!

The Gift-giving season has officially begun! This year you can cross holiday shopping off your list because we have tested, tasted, and hand-picked every item on this list!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your significant other or something sentimental for mom, we’ve rounded up some of the most amazing trendy gifts that every woman will swoon over on Christmas morning!


We are now living a mask life, why not have fun and be safe doing it and look stylish!

Boomer Naturals Face Mask Fits snug, comfy against the side of the face, and fun designs for the season!

Tru47 Pure Ionic Silver Protective Pleated Face Shield for Everyday Life While Social Distancing

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