TRU47 and Colorado Threads Form Strategic Partnership to Promote Silver Wellness Wear, Grounding & Lifestyle Apparel

TRU47 and Colorado Threads Form Strategic Partnership to Promote Silver Wellness Wear, Grounding & Lifestyle Apparel

TUCSON, AZ, December 14, 2022, TRU47, the industry leader in creating an expansive line of innovative pure silver wellness products is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with Colorado Threads, based in Denver, Colorado. TRU47 features wellness wear apparel and textile accessories all made with 99.99% pure silver threads which are plated in an electroless process along with custom colloidal silver formulations for one’s body, home, and overall wellbeing.

TRU47 & Colorado Threads Logos

TRU47’s mission is to provide safe, efficacious, and all-natural products and shares a commitment and aligned values celebrating nature and the Earth and all its benefits with Colorado Threads, manufacturers of original lifestyle apparel focused on one-of-a-kind designed leggings and sublimation printed accessories that match their customer’s journey. From yoga to hiking, their designs are guaranteed to capture your personality, adventure, and wellbeing. Opening products include Grounding socks and gloves all made with silver.

Men and Women Wearing TRU47 Silver Grounding Socks and Gloves

Colorado Threads is committed to practicing wellness, living mindfully and the most sustainable life possible, and “all with gratitude’, says their company’s new owner, Cameron Smith. “We are delighted by the potential of this new collaboration with TRU47”. In 2014 Colorado Threads set out to improve the Earth by keeping plastic out of landfills and oceans and in doing so, they became one of Colorado’s most iconic activewear brands. Since then, they have expanded universally throughout 23 countries and are more than just apparel.

Cameron Smith captured TRU47’s attention after being introduced to them early in the year as a nature and earth loving brand, one also interested in the benefits of grounding, also called earthing.

According to TRU47’s founder, Sharon Whiteley, the entire team became even more enthralled after hearing Cameron’s story, “We are dreamers, sunset chasers, highflyers, and endless explorers on a tireless journey to capture our next adventure”.  TRU47, has a lineage in the arena of Grounding and created world class grounding footwear for over a decade, first under the brand name pluggz and since, Harmony783. T

he company is now expanding back into grounding products, with Silver as the unifying conductive element. Sharon Whiteley co-authored two books on the topic Barefoot Wisdom (Schiffer Publishing) and Get Grounded Get Well with pioneer Dr, Stephen Sinatra (Hampton Roads April,2023) and recently published The Gift of Silver. Plans call for the companies to jointly manufacture active wear and outdoor gear enabling one to get grounded when on earth surfaces.