TRU47 Extends Brand Offerings to Include Silver-Infused Organic Essential Oils

TRU47 Extends Brand Offerings to Include Silver-Infused Organic Essential Oils

TUCSON, AZ - January 30, 2022, TRU47, named after silver's atomic number 47, was inspired by scientific studies over the years to create safe, natural, chemical-free products to support people’s immune systems and further enhance their overall well-being. 

The company launched its first silver product in 2015 when its founder, Sharon Whiteley, who had previously founded two innovative grounding footwear companies, became inspired by the beneficial effects of silver, which go back to 4,000BC. This led to the company’s year-long investigation and research studies of this “noble element”. The very first product line consisted of pure silver sanitizing cloths.

Six months before the COVID virus first made the scene in 2020, TRU47 created a line of 99.99% pure silver face masks for a close associate who was going through cancer treatment. She was immunocompromised and needed facial protection and mask coverage. “Feeling pretty, especially in the face of adversity, is an absolute wellness benefit,” Whiteley added, which led to the company’s creation of breathable pure silver masks made of pure silver ionically plated silver threads. When the pandemic impacted the world at large, the TRU47 was compelled to create an entire line of pure silver face coverings and accessories.

TRU47 Introduces Organic Essential Oil Collections Made with Silver

TRU47’s newest product line features a custom formulated blend of pure organic essential oils, also known as botanic inhalants. All are made with Himalayan Sea salts, trace minerals and therapeutic grade colloidal silver. Two contemporary custom designed diffusers accompany the release of the new essential Oil line, one a Nebulizer that does not need any water and the other a sleek handy portable unit.

Three new Collections are featured in the opening line. Naturescapes which feature five Unique Aromatic Escapes (Citrus Grove, Desert Rain, Forest Bathing, Herb Garden, Wildflower.); Restorative Signatures - Therapeutic Blends (Allergy Relief, Immune Boost, Just Breathe, Restore, Sleep Tight, Stress Less.); and Pure Notes: Eight Single-Note Pure Essential Oils (Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon Grass, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sweet Orange, Tea Tree, Ylang Ylang).

Essential Oils and Aroma Therapies Have Many Health Benefits

Documented benefits of using different kinds of essential oils include relief from issues such as: headaches, insomnia, malaise, and anxiety. TRU47 has elevated these benefits to the next level with the addition of silver and its antimicrobial, antibacterial attributes.

"Remember, humans co-evolved with plants. An essential oil molecule is like a little key that fits into a specific lock in our olfactory organ," says TRU47 founder, Sharon. "That in turn unlocks a unique response in our limbic system--the most ancient part of the human brain." 

Each organic oil comes in a gleaming, 15 ml (= 300 undiluted drops) silver bottle and range in price from $27.00 to $49.00. Undiluted essential Oils can also be diluted for use directly on the skin. Instead of reducing their potencyTRU47's silver matte Nebulizing Diffuser atomizes the oils and mists them into the air, stimulating the olfactory (smell) and limbic (emotion & memory) systems at full potency to areas between 500 and 1,000 square feet.  Ideal for car, office or travel, TRU 47 also features a petite, USB-compatible and waterless Portable Diffuser providing aromatic botanical benefits in spaces up to 500-square feet. 

“We knew that the pressed essence of botanicals in oil form have been used therapeutically for centuries,” explains Whiteley.  “So, we thought, what if we added the antimicrobial powers of silver to the mix?  Consumers reacted remarkably well to our silver-threaded masks during the pandemic; offering another layer of protection to help keep interior environments fresh as well just made sense to us."

Slated for later this year is a line of functional and fashionable silver-woven stylish wearables and fashion accessories including, capes, ponchos, and outdoor grounding wares. All will be environmentally shielding and stave off the negative impact of growing EMF technologies, in addition to being classically stylish. As Whiteley repeats again, “feeling pretty is assuredly a wellness benefit”.

 Glossary of Terms:

 * Pure Essential Oils - concentrated compounds extracted from plants, botanicals, flowers, leaves, seeds, bark, roots, and peels through gentle distillation and/or cold pressing.   Most essential oils are available in single or "Pure Note” form, which means they are individually derived from one single source.

Single note essential oils have specific purposes which usually correspond with the part of the plant from which they were derived.  For example, leaves -- such as eucalyptus-- which come from the "respiratory" system of the tree, yield oils that support the respiratory system of humans. Oils derived from bark, the "skin" of a tree -- such as rosewood -- are beneficial for the skin. There are also essential oil blends, combining more than one plant or essence to serve a combination of purposes.

* Colloidal Silver -- a suspension of silver particles in a liquid This ancient remedy was once used to treat bacterial, viral, and fungal infections before the advent of antibiotics. 

* Noble Element -- metals, such as gold, platinum, or silver, that cannot be oxidized by heat alone, nor readily dissolved by acid, noted for their lack of chemical reactivity