Botanical Flowers and Plants: How They Can Benefit Our Health

The Beauty of Botanicals
and How They Can Benefit Your Health

Flower Power: How Mother Nature’s Garden is Therapeutic

Ralph Waldo Emerson captured our sentiments exactly when he wrote “The Earth laughs in flowers,” for we can think of nothing that lifts our spirits quite like spring and summer gardens.

While the mere sight of them can bring a smile to our faces, flowers actually do a lot more for us than we might have imagined. For one thing, plants and flowers oxygenate the air and boost brain cells, which in turn, improves memory, clarity and concentration. Their beauty and individual fragrant characteristics enhance our mood and can lead to better health and longevity. Flowers add moisture to the air too, which helps with dry skin, dry throats, and dry coughs.

Studies have shown that having fresh flowers and potted plants around your home or office is linked to an increase in positive energy. Their specific colors and smells can boost energy and creativity, which is something we all could use more of! The scent of flowers alone is known to aid relaxation, which is why sachets, candles, bath products and essential oils are often floral. Talk about flower power!

Not to mention the relaxation they promise when we are arranging them in a vase or gardening outside where we can get grounded as an added health bonus!  Mother Nature’s Garden is abundant, as are the benefits we receive.

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Essential Oil Uses as Aromatic Therapies

There’s so much more to the healing powers of flowers and plants. Distill their essence into essential oils and the beauty of botanicals continues to bloom with even more benefits.

Essential oils created with botanical extracts contain vitamins and antioxidants that help moisturize, cleanse and smoothen skin, as well as fight early signs of aging and free radical damage, which is why they are used for facials in spas. In addition, essential oils are widely used in massage therapy, such as Lavender and Lemongrass. Spa steam rooms and even showers often have Eucalyptus as an aroma therapy.

Because pure, undiluted essential oils are so potent, they must be diluted using carrier oils before any application to skin. Also be mindful about why and how you’re using them. Only small amounts — typically just a few drops — are combined with coconut or another carrier oil before applied.

Experience the Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils with Silver

There are so many ways essential oils are used as aroma therapies. Diffusing them has become a popular aromatherapy – and a great way to uplift your mood - fast! Specific aromas, such as Sweet Orange and combinations, like our TRU47 Silver Infused Stress Less blend from our Remedies Collection stimulate your limbic and central nervous system, and can quickly reduce anxiety and stress. TRU47 has created two amazing Essential Oil Aroma Diffusers to add your favorite silver-infused essential oils, and aromatically purify your surroundings and living spaces with refreshing, restoring and revitalizing scents that engage your senses.

By added silver, nature’s own antibiotic and invisible to the naked eye, our TRU47 Silver Infused Organic Essential Oils will add more healthy benefits when diffused into the air. Colloidal silver is the term used to describe silver suspended in a liquid that historically was used as an all-purpose remedy for various infections and illnesses due to its antimicrobial properties. Adding 400 (PPM) to our essential oils helps to purify the air.

History of Plants and Botanicals Used as Medicinal Therapies

Evidence exists that plants and flowers were used for medicinal purposes more than 60,000 years ago. A burial site of a Neanderthal man, uncovered in 1960, revealed eight species of plants had been buried with him, some of which are still used for medicinal purposes today.

Hippocrates, 460-380 BC, known as the “Father of Medicine,” developed a system of diagnosis and prognosis using herbs. The number of effective medicinal plants he discussed was between 300 and 400 species. Aristotle, the philosopher, also compiled a list of medicinal plants. His best student, Theophrastus discussed herbs as medicines and their effects on humans and animals. He started the science of botany with detailed descriptions of medicinal plants growing in the botanical gardens in Athens.

We continue to celebrate the bounty of botanicals and their bouquet of healing therapies. Diffuse them for your wellbeing, and to lift spirits with each aromatic note to soothe body, mind and soul. You’ll find their range of therapeutic applications make “scents” about the important role they play for life on Earth.