Person Spraying Shopping Cart with Sanitizing Spray

A Precautionary Tale Amidst the Current COVID Confusion

With all the conflicting advice, vaccination concerns, and mixed-up mandates surrounding masks and COVID these days, we’d like to weigh in with a precautionary tale of our own. 

We live in a world where pathogens – bacteria, germs and viruses – thrive. They live on surfaces of their choosing, skin included, and soar through the air virtually undetected – and uncontrolled. Many are harmless in their relentless assault on our systems, some even attack other germs out to cause us harm. Others contaminate clean places by the thousands, leaving trails of dirty debris that would sicken us just by the thought of it. And some live to infect the unsuspecting, transmitting disease capable of downing us for the long haul. 

Conversely, we leave traces of ourselves, too, on everything we touch, sharing whatever we carry for the next soul who happens by. When we touch a suspect surface, then open a door, pull out a chair, sit at a table or stand at a counter, we spread the bacteria from place to place, collecting even more germs and infectious ilk as we go. Touch our mouths or noses before we wash our hands and we’re virtually inviting those potential pathogens to make their homes inside our bodies where they are free to wreak havoc with our health.

Surfaces matter when it comes to the longevity of these unseen organisms. Cardboard contaminants – think pizza boxes and those take out containers we save for seconds – stay strong for up to 24 hours. Disease carrying pathogens can live on steel, plastic and touchscreens –they love cell phones! – for up to three days. Surfaces in medical settings, walk in clinics, doctors’ offices, hospitals, labs and the like, increase our chances of getting sick from something we can’t see or feel because these are places where lots of people who have lots of germs gather. Each time a person sneezes or coughs, hordes of invisible invaders and respiratory droplets are set free to seek out you and me, attacking our immune systems and multiplying without abandon once they are inside. 

All of which begs the question: Instead of only practicing mandated protocols to safeguard your health from COVID and any number of opportunistic infectious agents, why wouldn’t you take the necessary precautions to stay safe everyday?

At TRU47, we’re all about making health safety simple. We use one killer component in all our products: Silver. The world’s first and most enduring all natural anti-microbial, silver destroys bacteria, germs and viruses on contact. Our silver masks inhibit airborne droplets with pac-man style efficiency, gobbling them up before they can go anywhere near your mouth and nose. Our custom formulated spritzes, blended with colloidal silver and soothing essential oils, shield surfaces of any kind, everywhere you go, from all kinds of opportunistic germs. We have Stellarcleenz sanitizing cloths that work whether you wash them or not, silver gloves that are impervious to infectious suitors no matter what you touch, and skin care products that protect and pamper with potent antioxidants. We even make inhalers that soothe the senses while mitigating micro-organisms harmful to your body. What’s more, each of our products are designed to go wherever you go to keep you shielded from a world of worrisome contagions, all the time, every time.

Throughout history, silver has been used as a precautionary material and medical agent to prevent infections. From keeping water pure and safe to drink to operating on the ill and injured to improving wound healing, treating infectious and noninfectious conditions, to protecting skin and sanitizing surfaces, silver, once the most important antimicrobial agent available before the introduction of antibiotics, is making a comeback as a powerful germ fighter in the modern-day world.

Bottom line: Taking precautions when it comes to your good health isn’t just common sense, it’s priceless when you do it with silver.