TRU47 Silver Spritz Sprays: All-Natural Sanitizing and Cleaning Solutions

Consider Replacing Sanitizers with
Silver Spritz to Inhibit Germs

From the common cold to other airborne ailments, germs stand ready to wreak havoc on our lives. Today, we’re well suited for battle against these ever-present, microscopic threats, but not all sanitizing products are created equal.  

Many of today’s top germ-inhibiting products contain chemicals that can be harsh on the skin, and even systemically harmful. So, what battles germs without posing a whole different set of health concerns? If you’re looking for a holistic, non-toxic approach to germ control, Silver Spritz products containing colloidal silver may be the solution.  

Consider Replacing Sanitizers with Silver Spritz to Inhibit Germs

Inhibit Germs with Silver Spritz 

Scientists report that colloidal silver has antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal properties that can inhibit and reduce the spread of germs. As a result, silver has played a historical role in germ control, which is why TRU47 committed to leveraging this noble element (47 on the periodic table) to help others find holistic and family-friendly germ-fighting solutions. Our Silver Spritz does just that.

Silver Spritz is a non-toxic, powerful germ inhibitor without the chemicals and harsh ingredients found in other over-the-counter sanitizers. Made with Colloidal Silver and all-natural ingredients, including Himalayan Sea Salts and 100% Pure Essential Oils, this spritz uses the scientifically proven powers of silver to fight germs, bacteria, and fungi.

How exactly does our Silver Spritz inhibit germ and bacteria growth? When silver comes into contact with germs, whether bacterial or otherwise, the reports show that silver ions break down the germ’s membranes and bind to cell components, decreasing cell integrity and preventing the germs from proliferating. Studies show that up to 99.99%  of living bacteria are eliminated upon contact with silver solutions. 

That’s bad news for germs and great news for Silver Spritz users. Not only is it effective for germ control—it’s also safe for all ages, making it a great option for everyone in your family, including children.

Silver Spritz Solutions for All Germ Inhibiting Needs

Silver Spritz can be the replacement for fighting germs, anytime, anywhere. While some germ-fighting products may be limited to single-use scenarios, Silver Spritz is crafted to be safe and effective for use on surfaces such as countertops, bedding, devices, desks, travel surfaces (e.g., shopping carts, public transit), gym equipment, and more. It’s also safe to apply directly to the body, making it a great alternative to hand sanitizers, which are packed with harsh and toxic ingredients.  

Though all of our Silver Spritz products can be used in multiple ways, we’ve crafted several to meet your targeted germ-fighting needs:  

Silver Spritz

Silver Spritz 

Great for home, office, purse, backpack, luggage, etc

Our basic Silver Spritz is anything but basic. Made with colloidal silver, Himalayan sea salts, and essential oils, this non-toxic spray is a great addition to your purse, work bag, book bag, desk, or gym bag. Our special blend will inhibit germ growth on surfaces and the body while leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Silver Spritz HOME+ 

Great for kitchens, living spaces, playrooms, bedrooms, etc. 

Silver Spritz Home+ adds another welcome layer to this already powerful, germ-fighting blend based on our original formula. Sweet Orange, Lemon, and Lemon Grass essential oils blend to make this the perfect spritz for use in your home, especially kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, and playrooms. 

Fresh Feet Spritz

Great for feet and shoes

No one likes “stinky feet,” and our feet and shoes offer a prime breeding location for odor-causing bacteria. Fresh Feet Silver Spritz uses the power of colloidal silver and essential oils to inhibit bacterial growth. Mist your feet and legs or spray it directly inside footwear, and the blend of natural ingredients, like peppermint, eucalyptus oil, and menthol, will invigorate and refresh your feet and legs while keeping them free of odor.  

Toilette Spritz

Toilette Spritz 

Great for bathrooms, locker rooms, gyms, yoga studios, etc. 

All of our Toilette Spritz can be used in bathrooms and locker rooms and is specifically crafted to meet the germ and odor challenges that often present in these locations. Made with aloe leaf juice, tea tree oil, and willow bark extract, Toilette Spritz is great for travel locations, hotels, the office, the gym, or where you may need it on the go. 

Fighting germs doesn’t have to be a choice between effectiveness and safety.  Silver Spritz products offer non-toxic solutions that are great for everyone in your family, even pets. Leverage this powerful antibacterial solution anytime and anywhere by adding Silver Spritz to your germ-fighting arsenal.