Dry Skin 4 Ways to Keep Skin Soft and Healthy

Dry & Itchy Skin? 4 Ways to
Keep Your Skin Healthy

Every season comes with its own unique set of challenges, especially for our bodies. In the fall and winter months, our skin can become especially vulnerable.  

If the colder months leave you seeking relief, you're not alone. Many of us will experience dry, irritated, and itchy skin as the temperature drops and fall turns to winter.  

Why is skin particularly prone to problems during the fall and winter seasons? The answer can depend on your skin type and where you live. But typically, the colder temperatures are, in one way or another, are at fault for leaving our skin parched, as is the humidity factor in the environment. 

Cold Dry Air

The number one cause of dry skin in the fall and winter seasons is the transition from warm, humid air to cold and dry air. As humidity drops, moisture is sucked into the air, and that robs your skin (and often, your sinuses, too) of the moisture it needs. 

Long, Hot Showers

A long, hot shower may seem like just what the doctor ordered to fight off the fall or winter chill, but the rewards may be short-term. Hot water may feel nice, but it can rob your skin of valuable oils; without them, your skin and become dry and super itchy. 

4 Ways to Avoid or Soothe Dry Skin

Whatever the reason for your dry skin, there are a few things you can do to diminish itchiness and irritation and return it to a hydrated and healthy state. 

1. Avoid harsh soaps and cleansers

There’s no doubt that keeping a regular facial cleansing routine is essential to healthy skin, but if you’re using harsh soaps or cleansers, you can be causing more harm than good. Choose soaps that are formulated for sensitive skin

It's not all about soaps, however. Other products, like toners, can also leave skin dry and painful. The right toner, however, can leave your skin glowing and supple. Because silver has anti-inflammatory properties and is excellent for sensitive skin, silver-based toners, like our TRU47 Silver Toner, offer the power you need with the skin-nurturing essential oils you deserve.   

Shower Steam TRU47

2. Turn down the water temp

That daily shower can still be a source of comfort, but you may want to consider taking it down a notch, moving from hot water to warm water. Keeping your showers closer to lukewarm than scorching hot will help your skin maintain the natural oils that prevent dry and itchy skin.

3. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

If you have sensitive skin, the colder weather can quickly trigger more skin problems, like cracked, red, and irritated patches or even eczema. But you can prevent much of that by keeping moisturizing on hand -- especially after a shower or hot bath.

Not all moisturizers are equal, though. Many contain harsh and unwanted chemicals and fragrances that can further exacerbate dry skin. Choose nourishing moisturizers, like Silver Creme, specially formulated to increase hydration through natural ingredients and no unnecessary additives. 

4. Use a humidifier

One of the biggest reasons for dry skin in the fall in winter is a drop in humidity. Dry air can have negative consequences, including nosebleeds, sinusitis, dry eyes, and dry skin. A humidifier can give you the relief you need, especially in your bedroom. 

Dry skin is a common cold-weather problem, but it is not inevitable. With the proper precautions, like regular moisturizing with nourishing skincare products, you can keep your skin healthy and hydrated all year long.