EMF Radiation Can be Harmful to your Dogs

EMF Radiation Can be Harmful to your Dogs

We all know that that cancer and chronic serious diseases can be devastating and affect not only humans but also our beloved pets, specifically doggies – young and old alike. In recent years, there has been a documented increase in cancer cases among dogs as well as other chronic diseases. This has raised concerns among pet owners and veterinary professionals and also spawned an entire new industry of unprocessed, raw and fresh food businesses and alternative professional care giving modalities.

Among the newest players are also celebrities who are using their popularity to spread this important news, simultaneously creating new retail ventures under their own monikers and profiting along the way. The financial investments made by many owners seeking protection from both harmful environmental as well as food sources is soaring, making this arena one of the fastest growing industries. 

Cancer Rates are Rising; EMFs can be contributing culprits
Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in dogs. It affects a significant number of four legged pooches worldwide. According to recent studies, the incidence of cancer in dogs has been steadily rising over the past few decades and only seems to be increasing. Various types of cancer, such as lymphoma, mast cell tumors, mammary gland tumors, and osteosarcoma, have been observed in dogs at alarming rates. Factors contributing to this increase include genetic predisposition, exposure to environmental toxins, poor diet, lifestyle factors – and now, the addition of the harmful impact of radiation waves that are afflicting many human beings. The compromising impact of EMFs, RFs and 5 radiation WI-FI waves on a dog’s system, whereas different from a human being, is at the same time, similar in many ways.  An study published as early as 1995  in the American Journal of Epidemiology reported that residential exposure to AC magnetic fields alone led to an 80% increased risk of canine lymphoma in pet dogs.

Financial Impact is Growing
As the incidence of environmental and nutrition based chronic ailments in dogs continues to rise, owners are increasingly willing to invest substantial amounts of money in protective measures and treatments for their four-legged companions. Veterinary care costs have been steadily rising, and the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other chronic diseases in dogs can be a financial weight. Pet parents as they have come to be called are often faced with significant expenses, including diagnostic tests, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and palliative care. These costs can easily run into thousands of dollars, depending on the type and stage of the disease and the chosen treatment options. For many, no cost is too much for their precious family members.

 In addition to medical expenses, owners may also spend money on preventive measures to reduce the risk of cancer and other disease causing conditions in their dogs. This includes stocking up on premium-quality dog food, engaging in regular exercise, ensuring a safe environment free from toxic substances, and investing in regular veterinary check-ups. Many owners are also exploring alternative therapies, such as acupuncture, vitamins and herbal supplements. In addition some vets and even traditional doctors are looking to create an entire new field – formal “integrative” medical care for pets. Wonders never cease.

It’s Emotional for many
The emotional bond between dogs and their owners is often profound, driving owners to go to enormous lengths to care to support their care. Witnessing a beloved dog battle a life threatening illness can be a heart-wrenching experience, prompting many to spare no expense in seeking the best possible treatment options. This is often accompanied by emotional distress, as owners grapple with the uncertainty and heart wrenching concern and worry surrounding their pet's health.

The rising rates of cancer, due to environmental pollution and nutritional deficiencies, as well as other life-shortening chronic ailments among dogs, are fostering an increased awareness and expanding research initiatives in this field.  By raising consciousness about the issues and advocating for affordable veterinary care, dog owners both well to do who can afford costly treatments and also the more modest who foster and adopt rescues can benefit and care well for their beloved pets as well. 

Way to Protect our Doggies from EMFs.
*If your four legged companion sits at your feet, or snuggles next to you while you work away, make sure he/she is not close to, or on top of cables, or next to plugs.  Easy solutions are to zip-tie cords together and move them away.

*Turn your Wi-Fi off at night when you go to sleep. This is a recommended practice for human beings, too. Wi-Fi routers are often one of the largest sources of radio frequency (RF) radiation in a home. You can significantly lower your RF exposure by shutting it down at night or when not needed during the day.

*Your pet may sleep on your bed or at it’s foot often. Make sure to keep away a minimum of four feet from a main electrical panel or a sub panel. This will reduce exposure to AC magnetic fields. Portable, plugged in fans, air purifiers or air-conditioning units should also be kept this distance away.

*Move your Wi-Fi router to an area away from where pets spend long periods of time. For instance, put them in a closet, more remoted storage area or a garage.

*There are a number of EMF shielding charms, pendants and harmonizers on the market; some are reported as effective; many, however, are not measurable.

*Pure Silver, as a general rule, used in protective garments or in fabricated devices is a proven protective shield against EMFs, RFs and 5G Wi-fi radiation.  

*There are also inexpensive, consumer friendly meters available to measure the impact of devices in your home or office and the location of these installations. We recommend engaging a proven certified Building Biologist for assistance.

We all know our doggies are living beings that don’t have the capacity to shield themselves from the harmful impact of EMFs on their own. They are nonetheless affected and can suffer health challenges as a result to exposure, same as we human beings.  That is why it’s important for us to be as mindful and diligent as we can be and guard them as best we can by taking protective measures.