Vacation Suitcase: Silver Linings Travel List

Finding the Silver Linings in Travel

The pandemic sure has changed a lot about the way we live and what we love to do. Think about it. Dining out means not dining in those restaurants we used to hunger for. The bars we used to sidle up to? They’re on the sidelines now because management was mandated to take our familiar elbow room to another room to keep us socially safe and distant. How about wearing model-ready make up to impress that cute stranger across a crowded room? Muffling masks and Zoom meetings have put an end to that.

Remember when travel wasn’t just a dream?
We do. Which made us wonder what travel looks like now. We went to the experts to find out and learned that the past year on pause has re-emerged with polish, possibilities and promises of good clean fun away from home.

Airplane travel

Take the airlines. They’ve done away with change fees for the most part, offer enhanced online booking services, and provide guidelines to help you navigate the new friendly skies. All silver linings in our book.

They’ve been spacing out travelers in seats newly sanitized, stripping away reading materials habitually stained, wiping down tray tables and spritzing bathrooms between use. Masks are required throughout the flight, non-negotiable when moving about the cabin, and faces free only when eating or drinking. As added protection, the airplanes’ high grade HEPA air filtration systems are working hard to purify cabin air so you don’t have to worry about breathing in the bad stuff. While food is typically no longer served or sold on board short flights, you are welcome to enjoy your own stash while being mindful of your own trash. Some require full vaccinations of the COVID kind to board; others want proof of a negative PCR test, no longer than 3 days old. You are wisely advised to review your airlines’ flights policies before you buy your ticket but be assured those airplanes are cleaner than you’ve ever seen before! Another silver lining and one we relate to at TRU!

Depending on the destination, landing has it own rules. You may be required to show your vaccination record, negative PCR test or both when you arrive so be sure to carry those documents with you at all times. Laminating them is a good idea so you can wipe away any foreign germs before putting them back in your purse or pocket.

Expect your hotel accommodations to be sparkly clean but don’t look for in-room coffee makers or other once standard items that can’t be thoroughly disinfected. Daily maid service is a thing of the past, unless you specifically request a cleaning when you are out of the room.

Masks must be worn in all public places and hotel spaces, except in the comfort of your own room. Did we mention that not following regulated protocols will have you looking for a new hotel?

Dining reservations are a good idea due to limited capacity, fewer staff and shorter operating hours at many local restaurants. Walk ins often have to walk away!

Similarly sightseeing is dependent on crowd control, timing and tickets, which more often than not are only available online.

And while all these new travel rules and regulations might seem daunting, picture this.

Fewer crowds, wide open spaces and pristine places make travel today more attractive than ever. There are silver linings virtually everywhere you look and go.

You’ll find welcomes to be warmer than ever because hospitality professionals are truly happy to see you. Iconic landmarks won’t have the lines or crowds of a year ago. Outdoor dining abounds, with many once busy thoroughfares now home to charming café tables and pedestrian traffic only. And shopping now lures with a renewed sense of calm, fewer in store shoppers and merchandise artfully displayed to show off their best side!

Are you ready to give into your wanderlust this year?

If so, you might want to bring along a few travel items we consider essential to a safe trip.

1. Silver Spritz to clean any surfaces you may touch on your travels.

2. A silver mask to deter viral invaders and germs, but doesn’t requiring washing when you are on the road.

3. Stellarcleenz silver sanitizing cloth to carry with you to wipe away anything you want to clean. It even has its own little travel bag!

4. An immune boost inhaler always a good-for-your health idea whenever you are out and about. If you are prone to allergies, have trouble sleeping in a new bed, want to stress less and fortify more, TRU 47 has the inhalers you need in a convenient six-pack and it doesn’t take up much room in your purse or suitcase.

5. TRU 47 hand cream and soap, sized for travel, are packing ready and deserve the “don’t leave home without them” label wherever you go.

So cast your cares to the wind as you pack up your TRU travel products with your spirit for adventure and have a great trip!
Safe travels!