Friends Hugging: Social Distancing and Lessons Learned From COVID

Lasting Lessons We've Learned from Covid

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from a lifetime of experiences, there’s an upside to every downside. COVID is no different. 

In the past year, we learned to Zoom, mask, sanitize, prioritize and make working from home work. We’ve juggled the demands of our jobs with those of our families, stayed socially distanced and purposefully isolated. We’ve been incubated, inoculated and vaccinated to keep us safe from viruses out to do us harm. And through it all, we’ve taken stock of what works, what’s important, what’s worth keeping and what’s not. 

We’re adapting to a new normal, applying lessons learned to daily lives and moving on to discredit or incorporate habits that safeguard our health and help us heal. 

So, while the world still remains in flux, here are our top five timeless take-away gleaned from a pandemic that took away so much. 

1. Connections matter. We’ve all missed those personal touches we were so accustomed to when hugging someone dear or shaking hands with people we have just met. We’ve been cut off from our friends, colleagues and family for way too long and the disconnect is distressing. Elbow bumps and air hugs may keep us socially distant but they wreak havoc on our social life. The solution? Get together with peace of mind by keeping some silver in your pocket. From immune boost silver inhalers designed to help you breathe better in the company of others, to silver scarves that provide a buffer between you and bacteria, to Stellarcleenz squares that wipe away germs anyone may leave behind to pure silver gloves that promise to keep your hands off infectious places, we’ve got you covered whenever you reconnect with the world – and each other.


2. Masks work. Let’s be honest. We have a love / hate relationship with wearing masks, but after covering our faces with them for the past year, we learned to live with them. After all, doctors and nurses wouldn’t think about operating without donning surgical face coverings, using them to avoid contamination and the spread of infectious droplets, so we made them work for us too, however reluctantly. And while many different kinds of masks can mitigate the dangers of airborne contaminants, anti-germ silver masks, even breathe-easier meshed ones, can pulverize them. Studies show that the antimicrobial silver ions “perform their deadly work by punching holes in bacterial membranes and wreaking havoc once inside. They bind to essential cell components like DNA, preventing the bacteria from performing even their most basic functions.” This is why we’ll keep on wearing our silver masks whenever we feel the need to slay dangerous sneezes, killer coughs and deadly droplets!

 3. Cleanliness is underrated. In the face of COVID, hand sanitizers became the new “go-to” in purses and pockets all over the world, but our Stellarcleenz® cloths and Silver Spritzes go a lot farther when it comes to keeping surfaces germ free. Silver has been scientifically reported to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Stellarcleenz are made of 99.99% pure silver and Silver Spritz is a specially formulated mixture of colloidal silver and pure essential oils. They have been laboratory tested on human skin, as well as on surfaces (kitchen counters/restaurant tables...) and on devices (cell phones/computers…) in scientifically protocoled studies conducted by an independent researcher. Bacteria is infinitesimal, invisible and everywhere. Check out the bacteria count found on commonly touched surfaces and after you learn just how dirty most things are, you won’t want to leave home without antimicrobial silver sanitized products! 

4. Caring is contagious. We’re a nation of caregivers who care deeply for one another. During the pandemic, we saw it in the front-line workers who stepped forward with compassion and heart to take care of the inflicted. We saw it in the newly unemployed who went out to help others find their footing. Recent surveys have found that an estimated 53 million Americans in 2019 freely take care of their vulnerable friends and families with the numbers rising significantly during the pandemic. Coronavirus has contributed to a boost in volunteering in recent months, as did other life-changing events in the past. Caring is the motivating force behind our actions and manifests in helping safeguard and protect people who need it the most. Interestingly, the in-kind items most important to impacted, financially insecure populations, in addition to non-perishable food, were hygiene products, cleaning and sanitizing items, critical to keeping illness at bay and spreading care to communities in need. Which is what we at TRU47 are all about. 


5. Your health is in your hands. It shouldn’t take a pandemic to teach us that we are the best advocates for our own health, although it did remind us that we need to be personally proactive and vigilant when it comes to staying well. More importantly, it reinforced the idea that self care is not self indulgence. Washing our hands frequently and keeping masks handy are common sense habits we need to practice everyday. A good night’s sleep and a nutritious diet play critical roles in keeping our immune systems strong. Getting out in the fresh air, exercising and grounding daily is key to keeping your body balanced in its natural homeostatic state because nature nurtures with healing energy that does amazing things for your health. And being prepared, with sanitizers at the ready, is powerful and priceless when rogue germs, viruses and bacteria abound. The biggest learning that will live on long after the current pandemic fades is understanding that you can only control what you can control. Staying “TRU” to your health is an important first step.