Let’s Talk Turkey About Germs <br>and How to Inhibit Them

Let’s Talk Turkey About Germs
and How to Inhibit Them

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays here at TRU47, not just because of the feast we all dig into with gusto, but because this annual gathering of friends and family embodies what giving and gratitude is all about.

Last year many of us had to forego our traditional get togethers due to the pandemic and exercising caution in the best interest of everyone’s health. This year, we plan to welcome our loved ones with open arms and communal tables, while remaining hyper-vigilant to avoid spreading germs along with our good tidings.

So how can we evade unwanted guests at our Thanksgiving table? (We’re talking pathogens, viruses and bacteria here, the invisible illness-causing invaders that make themselves at home in our houses all too easily.)

The answer - we stay diligent in all of our holiday preparations, from shopping to serving, by bringing out our best silver for the occasion.

Push germs out of those grocery carts. Do you know how many people have handled that grocery cart before you? A new study has found that grocery store shopping carts have 270 times more bacteria than your toilet handle. Another study revealed that 75% of germs identified in grocery shopping carts were harmful. So, wiping down grocery carts with one of our Stellarcleenz Silver Cloths and covering the handle with a Sanitized Silver Handle Wrap before you use them for your holiday purchases is a no brainer.

Count on a cleaner kitchen counter when preparing your feast. A recent University of Arizona at Tucson study identified the kitchen as the most germ-contaminated area in the home, with dangerous bacteria living in the small cracks and crevices of countertops and cutting boards.

Don’t overlook your refrigerator door handles, microwave buttons and coffee makers; they can be sheltering germs that escape your attention. On dry surfaces, bacteria can survive no more than a few hours, but this is long enough to infect another food source or a person's hand during your holiday meal preparation.

We won’t start to cook up the fun until we Spritz everything our hands and food may touch, and our Sanitized Silver Mitts are handy to help us with our cleaning tasks.

Banish bacterial bad guys from holiday table. Before we set our table for a dinner to remember, we remember to wipe off our serving dishes, flatware and plates and glasses with a Stellarcleenz to wipe away any airborne germs and bacteria that may have landed there without an invitation.

From handshakes to hugs, we’re ready to embrace all that Thanksgiving stands for this year and are thankful our TRU47 silver product collections give us the choices and the confidence to gather together with our family and friends’ well-being top of mind.

And while our silver masks, scarves and gloves provide the protection and coverage we need when we are out and about, inside our house we go the extra mile to care for our guests by bringing out our germ-fighting silver. It’s the best way we know to keep those unwanted invaders from destroying our favorite holiday.

With our deepest thanks and gratitude for all the silver linings this past year has brought to our table, we wish you a happy, healthy Thanksgiving with all joys your family and friendships bring.