New Book by TRU47 Founder Inspired by the Gifts of Silver

New Book by TRU47 Founder Inspired by the Gifts of Silver

New Book Celebrates the Gift of Silver

To acknowledge and celebrate Silver, one of earth’s noble elements and nature’s gift for wellness and wealth TRU47 Founder Sharon Whiteley, who is also a subject matter expert on Silver, recently authored and released The Gift of Silver How Nature’s Noble Element Promotes Health & Well Being to share the “rich” history, valuable facts, medicinal applications, alchemy and folklore, and abundant uses for human sustainability; all are far beyond its monetary powers.

The Gift of Silver reveals the healing gems and treasures found on its surface. The Earth is our rock when it comes to our health, giving off nourishing electrons to keep our bodies in balance, while containing precious metals, minerals and plants with properties that help protect and heal our bodies, inside and out.

The shining star of the book is silver, paying homage to our favorite element on the periodic table, Ag47, and continuing the thread and common theme of Silver being the at the centerpiece of all we do here at TRU.

A symbol of wealth and health for millennia, silver is the shiny object of legends and lore, with mythical powers and medical prowess that defy its position as playing second fiddle to gold in terms of price and prestige. Discover what historians, experts, medical professionals and enthusiasts have known and collected for more than 4,000 years BC to celebrate silver for its beauty, healing powers and good fortunes.

Silver has made history for millennia, proving its mettle as one of the earth’s most precious metals – and purported to be the very first antibiotic, providing a silver lining for health and well-being. No other metal shares the mystique and muster of silver, and throughout the centuries has shaped fortunes and safeguarded health since the beginning of time. Its name alone conjures up riches both alluring and life altering.

The Story of Silver

The story of silver began when it was first mined from the Earth in Turkey and Greece, where it was molded, coined and traded as currency. Its journey as a metal of distinction continues in the medical studies of Hippocrates, the father of medicine; the written recordings of Herodotus, the father of history; in Biblical references and in folklore wisdom far and wide. Looking back at every major early civilization, beliefs in silver’s mystical and metaphysical properties are woven into the threads of religion, rituals and daily life. Egyptian, Tibetan, Roman, Aztec, Native American and many other cultures cherished, worshiped and searched for silver because of its healing and protective properties.

Silver made its way into the coffers and tables of blue bloods and aristocrats in Europe and the new world, keeping them safe from tainted water and food. It surfaces in battlefields and hospitals in the 1800s, where surgeons dressed wounds with silver backed instruments and coverings to fend off infectious invaders. It emerged throughout time as nature’s precious anti-microbial healing hero, renowned for its ability to fend off bacterial foes and defend the body from illnesses – and, in those days, mythical creatures, too.

Silver for Health & Wellness

In addition to being prized by many for its health-giving benefits, silver is most commonly associated with wealth. The notion of the silver spoon has deep aristocratic roots, alluding to the fact that someone who is “born with a silver spoon in her or his mouth” has riches and accompanying privileges that many others don’t. History tells us that European nobility as far back as the Middle Ages used tableware crafted from silver because of its anti-microbial properties.

Because silver is self-sanitizing in nature, silver cutlery was deemed the best way to prevent bacteria, germs and illnesses from spreading to a person internally. As silver was also valuable and expensive, only the well-to-do could afford to own it, thus the privileged connotation of the silver spoon saying, “born with a silver spoon.” To give their babies a healthier start in life, wealthy families would gift them with a shiny silver spoon that was ever-clean and ever-vigilant in preventing bacteria and germs from harming their little ones, a pricey silver shield less fortunate families made do without.

If you think the proverbial silver bullet is a wishful fantasy, think again. Since the beginning of time, silver has proved its worth in more ways than one and it is starring in its comeback today in the health and wellness sector.

Good health comes down to Earth in this book, taking its rightful place in the enduring annals of time and offering you time-tested remedies – and priceless nuggets of wisdom – that will enhance your wellbeing.

This compelling and compact, 122-page book is a great read and is filled with great imagery, interesting facts, inspirational quotes, information and sterling sayings. 

Here are the Gift of Silver chapters, at a glance:

Chapter 1: A Noble History

Chapter 2: Silver Threads      

Chapter 3: Legendary Silver Bullets  

Chapter 4: A Metal of Emotions, Alchemy & Astrology        

Chapter 5: A Magical Metal   

Chapter 6: The Science Behind Silver          

Chapter 7: Silver Solutions    

Chapter 8: Earth Essentials   

Chapter 9: Sterling Sayings

With everything we have discovered about silver, we are excited to share a world of silver linings with you.

Here is what Dave Asprey, author of Super Human had to say about the book: “If you’ve been worried about your immunity lately, it’s worth your time to learn about silver. The book you are about to read is full of silver facts – and hacks – and just might make you rethink its role in your world. As for me, I wouldn’t think about leaving home without it because keeping a little silver in my pocket to safeguard my health makes it worth a lot more than anyone would imagine.”

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