Not all EMF shielding products are the same

Not all EMF shielding products are the same

We live in a world today, more fast changing than ever before in almost every facet of life. One of the fastest proliferating areas is one that is compromising our health whether we know it or not, or whether we feel it or not. This is the expansion of radiation waves coming from high tech, 4 and 5G technologies. We hear soon to hit us, will be 6Gs. 

As also is prevalent today, perhaps more so than ever before, is never ending marketing messages on the topic, be it from podcasts, influencers, celebrity endorsers, emails blasts, infomercials, advertorials and so on. Some are valuable; many, however, ring hollow and others sheer marketing speak, often with untrue claims or promises. And a good majority are selling products to measure the impact or protect against harm. 

Below are answers to two most often asked questions about silver and EMF shielding textiles

How Silver textiles Shield against Radiation /EMFs & 5G waves 

All Metals shield against EMF radiation. Silver, considered a “noble element” happens to be the most “conductive" of all and provides an excellent shielding modality. Metalized silver textiles are a lightweight flexible way to provide shielding year-round if technically engineered to rigorous standards.   

Further, pure plated Silver embedded textiles provide a protective level of shielding and are not only safe to touch the skin, but also regarded as very skin friendly and prescribed to soothe certain conditions along with other benefits. Silver is scientifically proven to provide anti-microbial, fungal, and viral benefits and is used in wound care to help heal burns; and kill bacteria which causes odor and is often the root cause of skin irritations and breakouts - acne among them. Pure silver woven fabrics are best option to use when fabricating EMF shielding clothing which has many benefits to wearers. 

How pure silver plated, versus coated, threads bear on efficacy 

Silver plating directly onto the yarn or fabric is the best option by far. This is called ionic plated and is very different than nano processes; these only coat or spray. With plated textiles, silver metal is electroless plated onto a rip stop very thin nylon strand. It is a more permanent solution. It will never fleck off, get into your skin or the environment which can happen from nano applications.. The life expectancy of this silver-plating technique is also much longer and higher performing then many nano silver techniques which are not as durable or long lasting. 

Special proprietary techniques are also applied when knitting fabric out of silver yarn to ensure efficacy.  Knitting mills need to be sure that all feeds in both directions have silver yarn included. This makes the finished fabric not only contain enough silver fibers, but also, the “cross knitting” has silver yarns crossing in both directions creates the needed