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Reusable Silver Face Mask: Top 6 Perks

Face masks have become an increasingly popular way to exercise caution in public places, workspaces, and even during private gatherings. And in many places, now wearing one is a mandatory requirement. 

As the demand for face masks has increased, so too has the number available to the public. Having options is great, but when it comes to finding a face mask that you can trust and that has proven anti-microbial and anti-viral attributes for social distancing, too many options can make for a daunting decision. 

To help you make the best choice for yourself and your loved ones, we wanted to share why we think reusable face masks with anti-microbial and anti-viral reported benefits should be at the top of your list.

1. Designed to Accommodate 

Single-use or disposable masks are often sold as “one size fits all,” but that doesn’t mean they fit everyone. And "fit" doesn’t just refer to sizing. Some wearers may prefer a pleated mask while others prefer the fit of a cup mask. And most users prefer a healthy mix of comfort and protection - not always an easy combo to find.

Our reusable silver and copper and silver combo masks come in several designs, making it easy for adults and children of all sizes and ages to find one that is comfortable enough to wear every day. And a comfortable mask makes it easier to protect yourself and others while at work, school, social engagements, or while running errands.  

reusable face masks benefits

2. Environmentally Friendly 

You’ve likely seen it - a picture of discarded gloves and masks in the parking lot of a local grocery store. These are typically left for workers to clean up, or worse, strewn in gutters, waterways, and along the street.

Those that don’t make it to the garbage don’t magically disappear - instead, they lay on the ground until wind, water, or a local critter carries them away. They may be friendly to your faces, but most are extremely environmentally unfriendly 

Unfortunately, these masks often contain non-biodegradable materials, can go on to further damage ecosystems, clog drainage systems, and eventually make their ways into the food chain. 

That’s simply not the case for reusable masks. 

3. Affordable 

Disposable masks may work in a pinch, but over time those masks can burn a hole in your wallet. 

On average, disposable masks are expensive, with an average month supply costing about $15 per month, or $180 a year.  

For households with two or more people, disposable costs become even more expensive to replenish. Investing in a reusable silver mask can help you save money while also saving the environment. 

4. Socially Conscious  

Health is a community concern, and that’s particularly true for easy to transmit viruses, like the flu and coronavirus. And that means the best way to reduce transmission is to approach prevention as a community.  

That sentiment is echoed in research from UC Berkeley and Hong Kong University, which indicated that we can cut the spread of COVID 19 by as much as 80% by wearing a mask. Wearing an antiviral facemask can help you protect yourself but empower you to play a larger role in protecting your community. 

5. Easy care 

Most reusable masks are meant to be washed, and that's a good thing. Regular washing can eliminate germs and grime, but over time it can take a toll on the material as well as elastic used to properly secure it to your face. 

Because of the antimicrobial properties of silver, TRU47 masks are 100% reusable – and there is no need to wash it to keep them effective from staving off bacteria and germs. That doesn’t mean you can’t.

If you so choose (and many of us do out of habit, also) you can refresh your mask by hand washing with mild soap and allowing it to air dry. No harsh or toxic chemicals required. 


TRU47 Silver Masks for Sale

6. Peace of mind 

Short of never leaving the house, there may not be a lot we can do to completely prevent the spread of seasonal infections and even more disruptive viruses. 

But, we can actively lower our risks, particularly with the proper face mask. There are plenty out there, and many are made only to meet consumer face-covering social distancing requirements. 

Others, however, are designed with a higher level of protection in mind for those seeking more coverage while out and about.  

Our collection of high quality, social distancing masks is composed of 99.99% pure ionically bathed silver (not nanotechnology coated silver) with a few different styles also boasting a copper extra outer layer. 

By itself, silver is a powerful antimicrobial element, but it is not the only line of defense in our masks. Our copper-layered masks have pure copper, which acts as an antiviral deterrent and offers extra protection for those times you’re in highly populated environments. 

And in case you want a bonus reason, TRU47 masks are not only highly breathable - they are also attractive (some say dazzling). It’s nice to bring a little silvery sparkle into life these days, we think.  

A mask is also reported to be a great tool in our fight against airborne viruses. The right one can make a world of difference. 

Check out our social distancing mask collection today so you can harness the natural power of silver and add an extra layer of protection for yourself and your loved ones.

Lifestyle photography by Echo Starmaker