Seasonal Fall Favorites: <br>Activities & Festivities

Seasonal Fall Favorites:
Activities & Festivities

There’s a lot to love about fall. The ever-changing kaleidoscope of leaves dressed in golden hues, burnt orange and crimson reds. The crisp clean air that invites natural discoveries. The colorful harvests, bountiful and blessed with a variety of good-for-you treats from tree fruits to cabbages to beets and pumpkins ready to eat. Football and tailgating, bonfires and leaf peeping, apple picking and corn stalk mazes.

And while it is difficult to pick just one great thing about our abundant autumn splendors, we thought you might enjoy taking a look at a few of our fall favorites here at TRU47.

Breathe. Few things are as enjoyable or healing as taking time out for a walk in the woods, along the beach or in the park when the daytime temperatures are cool and refreshing. Add the beauty of fall foliage when trees are dressed in their colorful best, and your adventure in the great outdoors is one of the best ways to recharge your senses! Unfortunately, it can also trigger allergies from ragweed and mold spores from the decaying leaves, which is why we carry our Allergy Relief and Just Breathe inhalers with us. Our inhalers are specifically formulated with 100% pure essential oils and colloidal silver to stop allergens in their tracks, clearing sinuses and nasal passages and relieving respiratory and seasonal discomfort including allergy sniffles, which allows us to continue making tracks of our own!

Play. From practices to playoffs, fall sports are a favorite don’t miss activity here at TRU47. We have kids playing soccer, football and lacrosse, friends inviting us for touch football or tailgate parties to toast the teams. This is a time when crowds gather to share in the fun rather than being left on the sidelines. So, while we are supporting our teams, we are also relying on our safeties to keep us in top form, like our Pure Silver Masks and Silver Scarves, designed to out run, out block and out champion any germs, viruses or bacteria that charge our way.

Party. Tailgate parties, Halloween festivities, bonfire buffets and potluck suppers “whet” our appetites for comfort foods when the temperatures chill. It’s also a time when everyone pitches in with a favorite recipe or two to share feasts of friendship and fun. To keep surfaces and silverware and dishes as safe and sanitary as can be, we bring along our Silver Mitts, Stellarcleenz wipes and Silver Spritz spray for a safe alternative to banish party-crashing germs on the surfaces you and your friends touch during your long-awaited get-togethers.

Shop. Whether we are shopping at our favorite farm stands overflowing with newly harvested fruits and vegetables or out looking for new fall fashions at the boutiques we love to visit, we always carry our silver supplies with us along with our wallets. Of course, our Silver Masks are a must when going anywhere indoors as are our convenient purse-sized Mask Mists that keep them smelling fresh and sanitized no matter how often we wear them. Perfect for picking up baskets or pushing carts, our Silver Gloves and Silver Handle Wraps protect us from any bacteria left behind by the last hands that touched them, destroying any disease-carrying germs on contact.

All of which provide peace of mind and promise a worry-free fall shopping spree!