Woman Wearing TRU47 Silver Mesh Mask

Silver Mesh Mask: Your Go-To
for Warm Weather and Sports

Masks offer a great way to carry on with normal activities while maintaining our health and the health of those around us.  

For some, they’re a minor inconvenience. In other situations, they can be uncomfortable, especially as summer approaches. This is particularly true if we’re engaging in high-impact activities, like exercising or sports, or when the temperatures start to rise.  

Warm weather and physical exertion can make masking up seem a bit unbearable, and the right masks can alleviate those concerns.

Finding the Best Mask for Physical Activity & Warm Weather 

Choosing the proper mask for recreation, exercise, and athletic activities can make a big difference in your ability to perform and enjoy yourself while engaging in activities you love. If you’re tempted to reach for the same stifling mask you use every day, think again.  

Popular disposable, nylon, and cotton masks, though some may be effective, do not offer the same breathability that our silver masks in various styles do. The composition of non-silver masks is more prone to retain moisture (e.g., sweat), which is a breeding ground for bacteria. This can result in chafing, irritation, and dermatological issues like maskne (a newly coined word acne caused by wearing masks).  

Before you buy a new mask, consider the following qualities and characteristics:  

Material: When you shop for athletic wear, you likely look for clothing made of breathable materials. The same should be true of any mask you’ll be wearing for any activity that will cause you to break a sweat.  

Breathability: There’s no surprise here. If you’re exerting yourself and breathing heavily, you’ll want a mask that can accommodate inhales and exhales. While shopping, steer towards masks that promise breathability.  

Fit: A mask that bunches, doesn’t fully cover your nose and mouth, or consistently slides will only cause problems. Look for masks that offer adjustable or moldable nose bridges to create a secure fit.  

Hygiene: Most masks require regular washing, and if you’re using your mask to work out or during warmer weather, you’ll probably need to wash it even more often. Some masks, however, are designed to lessen that burden. That’s particularly true of silver face masks that incorporate silver, which offers antimicrobial properties that can inhibit bacterial growth.  

The TRU47 Silver Mesh Mask Difference 

It’s not easy to find a mask that exhibits all the qualities and characteristics above, and our assortment of Silver Mesh Masks quickly check all the boxes. Each mask is composed of 99.99% pure ionically plated silver, which is reported to have antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal benefits. 

That means wearers don’t have to worry about bacterial growth—you don’t even have to wash your mask, though you can if you’d prefer.  

Available for adults and children, these silver masks are breathable enough to accommodate a wide range of activities, including running, exercising, and engaging in other high-impact activities like sports.  

Unlike some other masks, TRU47 silver and silver, and copper masks are made using ionically plated silver material instead of nanotechnology construction. This means that our masks are made using a process that immerses and plates an excellent and durable nylon fiber in pure silver.  

This allows for extended and safe wear; the silver will not flake off even when with constant use. Nanotechnology, however, leaves wearers vulnerable to unwanted transmission of loose particles that can enter and potentially harm the human body and the environment.   

The right silver mask will offer protection during strenuous activities without causing discomfort. If your everyday mask doesn’t fit the bill, then you may want to consider a silver mesh mask or one of the many other silver and copper face masks and coverings we offer.  

They’re easy to maintain, economical, better for the environment, and are a great addition to your pandemic safety precautions regardless of whether you're playing hard or relaxing on a sunny day with friends.