Summer Activities to Connect with Nature, Uplift Mood, Energize and Stay Healthy

Summer Activities to Connect with Nature, Uplift Mood, Energize and Stay Healthy

Warmer weather is finally here - ushering in an open invitation from Mother Nature to head outside and take in all of the goodness the summer season has to offer.

From the soothing fragrance of flowers and fruits, the essence of which can elevate moods with just one whiff, to the healing benefits of grounding, the natural act of getting back in touch with the Earth, skin to soil, to healthy-living gems like silver that banishes bacteria and germs with stellar precision, Mother Nature truly does know best when it comes to our wellbeing.

Bottled botanicals are essential to lifting spirits

If you’ve ever given or received a bouquet of flowers, freshly picked and fragrant, you undoubtedly know how they induce smiles virtually automatically. It’s not just the beauty of the gesture that makes people feel good, it’s also the sweet-smelling fragrance and perceptual pleasures that trigger positive psychological benefits. When botanicals are bottled, and their essence extracted, the aroma alone can also have physical curative effects, from reducing stress and anxiety to inducing calm and supporting people’s immune systems. You may have read how lavender can help you sleep better, how bergamot and peppermint oils can help with depression and how Eucalyptus can relieve congestion. That’s because our sense of smell affects our brain, as demonstrated throughout history and in several contemporary studies that measure brain wave activity. In addition to impacting our mood and stress levels, studies show that it can even trigger immediate changes in blood pressure, pulse rate, and muscle tension. Inhaling the aromas from essential oils can stimulate areas of your limbic system, which is a part of your brain that plays a role in emotions, behaviors, sense of smell, and long-term memory.

Natural Botanicals Can Uplift Mood

Think back to the animal kingdom which relies on scent detection for survival. Animals sense danger by sniffing the air which triggers their fight or flight instincts. They also scent-out their food to determine if it is safe to eat. If you have ever smelled sour milk or rancid meat, you know exactly what we are talking about! Equally memorable, sweet scents elicit pleasurable responses, from our brains to our bellies! Just imagine what your favorite essential oil can do for you, especially if it’s diffused into the indoor air where you spend a good deal of time!

The Earth has healing energy to spare

Spend time outdoors, walking in a park, hiking in the woods, gardening in the soil, swimming in a salty sea or relieving stress by forest bathing and immediately feel your energy level surge as those feel-good endorphins rush in. Studies have shown that spending time in nature is good for body, mind and soul, physically, mentally and emotionally. But did you know that the ground we walk on has the ability to nourish us with a constant flow of energy-rich electrons each time we are in direct contact with the Earth? There is a practice called grounding, also known as earthing, and it is simple.

Get Grounded for Energy and Wellness

Shoes off – barefoot in grass, hands gardening in soil or touching a tree, or swimming in a lake, stream or ocean - these interactions enable direct access to a natural treatment table that can effectively reduce chronic inflammation, improve blood viscosity, increase circulation and induce restorative sleep ­– freely and abundantly, no prescription needed. Connect with the Earth and your health and energy will improve. Grounding is backed by science and points to the positive electromagnetic relationship every living body has with Earth. Read more about it here.

Silver shines as a natural sanitizer and antimicrobial

No matter how healthy our lifestyle, we are well aware germs, viruses and bacteria invade our spaces at will. In our modern-day world, we’ve turned more and more to chemically based sanitizers, sprays, and soaps to keep these pathogens at bay. But what happened throughout history, even as far back as the Greek and Roman days, has us rethinking our man-made approach to germ warfare and turning to silver to save the day. Silver is one of Earth’s noble elements, naturally found deep in the surface of our planet. Not only has it been valued through time as currency, jewelry and tableware, it has proven itself to be a medical metal as well. From Hippocrates, regarded as the father of medicine, to battlefield medics and present-day surgeons, silver has found its way into wound coverings, salves and surgical tools because of its natural self-sterilizing, antimicrobial properties. It also served as an efficient water purifier in ancient Rome, as America’s pioneers headed out west, in Civil War canteens and at water purification plants across the US today. You’ve heard of the proverbial silver bullet that can kill vampires with just one shot? There’s truth to that old folktale, especially if you are a germ! 

Take advantage of nature’s pharmacy to make health happen in ways that are sustainably good for you and our planet!