Bottles of TRU47 Silver Spray in Two Sizes

Top 5 Benefits of Silver Spritz [For the Skin]

In recent weeks, we talked a lot about how silver can help inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. And while that remains true, the benefits of silver aren’t limited to germ control. Silver can benefit various parts of and systems within the body, including your skin. 

1. Antimicrobial Agent 

Silver is known to contain properties that are effective at inhibiting bacteria; it has also been recognized as an antimicrobial agent. Studies show that silver can help deter 99% of bacteria and viruses while also preventing the growth of mold and fungi. For that reason, silver products, including silver spritzes, are an excellent choice when it comes to not only household cleaning solutions, but also, and very effectively for skin and body care. 

This is particularly true when you consider the root cause of so many skin ailments, which often stem from bacteria growth. If this growth remains untreated, it can lead to painful skin conditions. TRU47 Silver Spritz sprays can help protect and stop the growth of germs and bacteria before they even have the chance to damage delicate skin cells. 

2. Anti-inflammatory 

Aside from leaving skin vulnerable to infection, bacteria can also lead to and exacerbate condition that results in inflammation. 

Inflammation, which often appears as patches of skin that are itchy, red, hot, or blistering, can be painful. Inflammation can also lead to common skin maladies, like acne and redness, and other dermatological conditions, including rosacea and long-term scarring. 

It is a well-documented fact that silver has additionally been used for years as an effective and safe soothing agent for burn victims. Silver maintains anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce inflammation and redness while offering long-term relief from itching, burning, and other common symptoms associated with chronic inflammation. 

3. Healing Properties 

Silver doesn’t just help keep skin healthy by eliminating bacteria and inflammation; it has also been shown to aid in the healing process. Silver’s role as a healing agent isn’t new, however. It has an impressive history, with some of the earliest known uses dating back to ancient Easter and Middle Easter societies - as far back as 702 A.D, in some cases. Silver is still commonly used in modern wound care and continues to gain popularity in many wellness communities. 

4. Gentle on the Skin 

Finding a sanitizing solution that doesn’t lead to dry, irritated, and painful skin is challenging. The same can be said of trying to find products that don’t exacerbate existing conditions. This is especially true of cleaners, sanitizers, and other products formulated to benefit skin can often include harsh chemicals, including alcohol. 

The TRU47 Colloidal Silver Spray Collection is chemical and alcohol-free and uses only colloidal silver, Himalayan sea salts, trace minerals, water, and wildcrafted pure essential oils. That makes it great for those with sensitive skin who want a naturally soothing and nourishing skin solution. It also makes it a solution that can be used safely on everyone in your family - from young to old. 

Newly featured in the company’s collection is a Silver Spritz for Kids so you can keep germs at bay without worrying about abrasive ingredients or putting alcohol in their bodies respectively starting at a young age, which some schools have recently been demanding for those going back to physical classrooms. 

dogs can benefit as well from all the benefits of a Silver Spritz

 And, not to forget our four-legged friends, dogs can benefit as well from all the benefits of a Silver Spritz. One has been specially formulated with vet overnight for doggies to help soothe bacterial irritations, dry and itchy skin, and general freshening up. It’s specially formulated scent wise as many don’t appreciate certain fragrances as we humans do. 

5. Portable Protection 

Soap and water are the go-to solutions for a clean body, but lathering up isn't always an option, especially when on the move. And whereas soap washes away germs and pesky bacteria, it also helps sanitize. As we rely on on-the-go sanitation more often, having a reliable ally in the fight against germs is imperative.   

TRU47’s Silver Spritz comes in one of two convenient sizes and our smaller, compact 2.75 sizes (also travel friendly for when the skies open back up more freely) is easy to stow away in purses, book bags, gym bags, lockers, cars, and desks; just about anywhere, actually. 

There are many benefits to adding colloidal silver to your cleaning and sanitization needs, and skincare is one. Silver checks off all the essential boxes in your search for safe skincare with effective rates reported against germs and bacteria and anti-inflammatory properties. 

And since it’s affordable and easy to transport, our silver antimicrobial spray, the Silver Spritz, is the perfect addition to your on-the-go sanitization needs. TRU47 will soon be debuting a Silver Face Toner with a yummy prickly pear pure essential oil scent and colloidal silver to provide yet another nourishing ingredient when adding a bit of moisture to your facial routine.