Wellness & Social Practices We Learned from the Pandemic

Wellness & Social Practices We Learned from the Pandemic

Global Pandemic COVID-19

Cold and flu season is upon us. In addition, as news about COVID cases are being reported in parts of the world, concerns about the virus continue to linger for many of us. The good news is, we seem better prepared, have learned a great deal, and have implemented precautionary measures to protect ourselves and the well-being of others.

Simple Measures We Learned from COVID

Although masks are no longer mandated, there are certain guidelines we learned from the Coronavirus. Some of which may be wise to continue to help prevent the spread of infections and help protect against the upcoming cold and flu season. The top two preemptive practices are handwashing and mask-wearing. These two health-minded habits can mitigate the transmission and spread of germs and illnesses.

Before the pandemic as we know it today, Asia paved the path of mask-wearing for protection since the 2002-04 SARS outbreak. Populations throughout have also been proponents of mask wearing to ward of the impact of environmental pollutions. Months after the epidemic was declared “over” people continued to wear masks in public and in the workplace to protect and prevent the spread of colds, flu and viruses and the recurrence of the virus, not an uncommon occurrence. Wearing masks and frequent hand washing became a protective measure and a social norm, which is still adhered to today. We don’t feel silly or out of place any longer wearing face coverings; not only is there no stigma, many feel “smart”.

Simple Measures are a Personal Choice

There seemingly has been a widespread behavioral change. Even after mandates were lifted, people continue to wear masks, pay closer attention to hand hygiene and social distancing when traveling, in populated public places, and isolating when feeling under the weather - as a self-protecting measure and considered by many, a social responsibility.

These practices are back to being based on personal choice and preference, and since we are now more aware of how much we do not want to get sick, we may exercise different practices when necessary to prevent the possibility. 

Contracting a virus, and being sick is not only a physical inconvenience, worrisome as to long term effects; it also can be expensive. We learned many lessons from the pandemic – the importance of health, quality of life, staying well, how to mitigate sickness and the spread of it, and some simple measures may be of service to ourselves and others.

Bottom line: people want to be healthy and well, and feel good, as often as possible. At TRU47, we want everyone to be healthy and well, 24/7 – 365.

As we are in the midst of cold and flu season, and as Covid variants continue, here is a helpful list to enhance wellness.

Person Washing Hands   

Social, Seasonal Etiquette & Practices for Wellness

  • Good Hand & Surface Hygiene: Regular hand washing is good, especially when out and about, or after. Soaps and sanitizers can be harsh, especially during colder seasons. Our TRU47 Silver Spritzes and Mists come in a variety of refreshing scents, and they are all made with organic essential oils and colloidal silver to keep bacteria at bay. Home surfaces, devices and shared spaces are a popular breeding ground for bad microorganisms. Our 99% Pure Silver Stellarcleenz Cloths will wipe away germs in seconds. You can also wear Sanitized Silver Gloves when in public, at the store or gas pump to shield your hands.
  • Feeling Sick? Self-Quarantine: If you have symptoms, like a sore throat, cough, body aches or a temperature, it is best to isolate and refrain from going in public or to work. Get a COVID test to be sure, and/or wait until you feel better or get a clean bill of health to get back out there.
  • Grounding is Good for Immunity: Whether you are well or feeling under the weather, grounding is great for immunity and immune response. Getting outdoors in nature and breathing fresh air has many health benefits. You can get grounded by touching a tree, taking a shower, or by wearing grounding socks on grounding surfaces.
  • Social Distancing: Has become a subliminal part of our conscious behavior. There is a time and place to social distance, which is the last thing we want after years of doing it. However, it is wise to practice when possible, during cold and flu season, and when in close quarters with people who may have come in contact.
  • Masks are a Personal Choice: Now that masks are optional, it is about personal preference. Many people still elect to wear them when traveling and in public, highly populated areas as a protective shield. The best masks are efficacious, comfortable, breathable, and eco-friendly. TRU47 developed a mask line in 2019 for people who were immunocompromised and in treatment. Our line or 99% Pure Silver Masks and masks made with silver and copper became best sellers over the last 2.5 years. Our team was grateful to have created them so they could be available throughout the pandemic and beyond for people seeking face coverings for protection.
  • Air Quality is Important: Air quality, filtration, and circulation have become an important part of the COVID conversation. Some research indicated indoor environments and improving air ventilation could reduce transmission and lead to overall better health outcomes. Home air purifiers and systems are helpful in reducing allergens, mold, dust and other pollutants. Aroma therapy and diffusing Pure, Organic Essential Oils into the air can also be therapeutic and beneficial. We refer to this as “air-care” – which is a compliment be added to a self-care routine at home or in any office or living space.
  • Noses Are a Pathway to Illness: In many cases, pathogens, bacteria, viruses and illnesses initially enter our bodies through our nasal cavities, where the cells rapidly replicate and cause illness. This is why nasal swabbing is used to detect COVID. All-natural Nasal Inhalers containing colloidal silver can help inhibit the growth of bacteria when used regularly, since the properties of silver are antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral.

We have all learned a lot and been through a lot together since 2020. But there are some socially conscious take-aways that have led to healthier habits to protect ourselves and others. Be well, always!