For starters, grounding, also called earthing, has been called as great a discovery as penicillin – one, however, available from the day humankind stepped on earth and is also natural and free.  The problem that grounding, broadly speaking, solves is the accumulation of excess electrical charge or static electricity in objects, systems and in human beings as well. Grounding oneself also provides a connection to the earth or a large conductive surface to safely dissipate the excess electrical charge.

Grounding, or earthing, when related to human beings, however, has additional life-altering and enhancing benefits. Simply stated, we are all bio-electrical beings. Often compared to a battery, we need to be re-charged to function at optimum levels. One way to think about it is to consider the earth as one large battery that consistently emits a subtle electrical charge and global frequency in the electromagnetic field spectrum. This frequency is 7.83Hz, also known as the Schumann Resonance. In this day and age when most of us are not as connected to nature as in days past and also with the advent of synthetic footwear, we are cut off from the constant flow of this nourishing energy into our bodies, called electrons. 

As human beings we can recharge by connecting directly to the ground’s energy through electrons which give the earth’s surface a negative charge. Our bodies need these to function the way nature intended. Getting grounded also results in reducing the negative impact and buildup of what are called free radicals. Everyday living - breathing, sleeping, eating, exposure to environmental pollution and merely digesting food can reduce the availability and potency of electrons. If not replenished, inflammation can set it. Inflammation can not only wreak havoc on our immune systems and health; it is at the core of many conditions, including chronic diseases. 

We have all heard the medical community refer to inflammation as the “silent killer” because it can be the root cause of so many of these debilitating diseases. These include arthritis, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, Alzheimer’s, sleep disorders, depression, even some cancers and pre-mature aging. Animals in the wild do not have these issues or disorders because they are always grounded. Early man and woman kind did not either. They lived on the land, touched the earth, wore pure leather skins as footwear (which are highly conductive and allow the flow of electrons into one’s body). They were, in essence, electron rich.

The core benefits of being grounded are fast becoming mainstream today.  The benefits are real, documented and include reduction of inflammation, increased circulation and normalization of blood pressure in addition to a return to a more normalized sates of homeostasis and well being. Better sleep and less stress are other well documented benefits. Getting grounded in addition has a great deal to do with contributing to blood viscosity. Can it help stave off an immediate onset of a heart attack or mini stroke? Possibly you will hear from some medical practitioners. 

There are over 22 published peers reviewed and scientifically supported research documents. One can gain great benefit from merely getting grounded 20-30 minutes a day. And, best of all, it is free.  Walking or standing barefoot outdoors ideal as is swimming in the ocean and walking on moist sand or dewy grass. These opportunities are not available to most of us due to geography, our lifestyles and seasonal conditions. However, when available walking directly on an earth’s surface – grass, sand , soil, rock, unsealed tile/brick bare skinned or wearing pure silver threaded grounding socks or shoes that have grounding features, is idea. Gardening and getting your hands and feet in the soil is ideal as well. Inside, you can hold your hand on a stainless-steel dripping faucet, let water dribble into a running bath or take a shower. Manicures and pedis are great too when water flows through metal piping. Like a gas tank, however, you need to get replenished and put this fuel into your body consistently. Being well hydrated also will enhance the positive impact of being grounded. 

Lastly, with the advent of media attention about 5G and its health compromising impact, along with proliferation of Wi-Fi towers being installed with no robust regulatory oversight, many are suffering from EMF/RF exposure and Wi-Fi radiation. According to James Oschman, PhD, an outstanding, published biophysicist and author of Energy Medicine: the Scientific Basis who is also one of the lead researchers on the topic of grounding when one is grounded they cannot be negatively impacted from what he refers to as 60 cycle field radiation which is what circulates in our homes from everyday appliances. Another remarkable benefit to getting and staying grounded.