Children with Backpacks in School Yard: TRU47 Back to School Essentials

Silver Solutions for Back to School

While summer may still be in full swing, it’s back to school time for kids of all ages. There’s the usual excitement in the air about seeing old friends and making new ones, meeting teachers, checking out classrooms, and maybe even a new school. There are clothes to buy, school supplies to gather, backpacks to fill, appointments to schedule, trends to track and rules to follow, all of which adds to the anticipation kids – and their parents – normally have this time of the year. Not to mention, of course, the overriding goal of kids to be considered totally cool every step of the way. 

Yet with all the familiar preparations that accompany back to school jitters and joys, this year, no thanks to COVID and the current vaccine and mask mayhem, it’s a bit different than school years in the past. 

To help your family navigate the nerves, face the future and normalize the not-so-normal changes we are seeing today, we’ve put together a personal back-to-school primer filled with silver super heroes that will keep the kids safe and sanitized, while still looking cool.

1. Excitement isn’t the only thing that’s in the air on that first day of school. There are also germs, millions of them, flying through space and into your child’s face. Some are harmless, some are not. Some help build resistance to the bullies of the bacteria world, others succumb by sniffling and sneezing all the way home. Viral vampires like COVID and its devious Delta sidekick can suck the health right out of anyone they prey on, giving some people visible symptoms, leaving others with an unseen sickness that can attack the unsuspecting.

Teach your kids to fight back by wearing a mask in crowded classrooms and hallways; just like the masked man Zorro, masks are an invincible match when it comes to the bad guys. TRU47 masks are shielded in pure silver to inhibit bacteria, viruses, or germs it comes in contact with, thanks to the effective anti-microbial properties that made silver the world’s first true antibiotic. What’s more our two-ply silver mesh design makes it breathable for all day wear at school and activities.
2. Contact sports aren’t the only way kids can catch a contagion. In addition to the gym equipment, they share with their classmates, the surfaces they touch in school hallways, bathrooms, lunchrooms and classrooms all day long, including desks, chairs, lockers, counters, tabletops and more, are laden with losers of the germ and bacterial kind. 
3. We have one solution (okay we are biased) arm them with our sanitizing Stellarcleenz wipes in pockets and backpacks and they’ll be able to take on opportunistic opponents with robust swiping! And because they are self-sanitizing, they can be used over and over again with same germ fighting effectiveness, no matter how long they remain unwashed!

Like it or not, funky smells come with the territory at school. Whether those nose-cringing bad odors come from stinky socks, rotten eggs, dirty lockers, science labs, the bathroom, the lunchroom or even your own mask, you can just imagine how many germs and bacteria are in the mix.

Our antidote? TRU47 Silver Spritz. Made with colloidal silver and pure essential oils, our variety of Silver sprays, toners and mists spray are the sanitizing solution for every part of your life and body!  Safe, non-chemical, and environmentally friendly alternative to toxic gels, sprays and disinfectants, Silver Spritz can be used anywhere on everything touch, and of course your skin. The ingredients are all natural, non-toxic and chemical free. Unlike other sanitizers, we don’t use alcohol or ethanol in any of our products so it won’t dry or crack skin, and they are not messy and won’t leave a residue. Because it’s made with silver, it won’t build up resistance to germs or eliminate good bacteria, like alcohol- based products.

And those stinky socks and masks? We have mask mists in a variety of flavors that kids will love. Our refreshing Silver Mask Mists are available in a variety of all-natural scents including Lemon Drop, Apple Cider, Hot Cocoa, and Wintergreen. All are custom formulated blends of 100% Pure Organic Essential Oils, Natural Scents, Trace Minerals, Himalayan Sea Salts, Silver Citrate and high-quality Colloidal Silver. Our proprietary formulas are specifically created to help freshen and sanitize masks – or socks – and can also be used to refresh the air around their desks – and their faces, eyes closed – all day long! 

Keep your kids safe this year and send them back to school with our TRU47 silver superheroes in their back packs. It’s an all-natural way to help keep bacteria, germs and viruses away!