As we celebrate a new year, many of us set the age old “resolutions” with the best of intentions. Others of us reflect back on the past and can’t help our self-talk from thinking of all the would of, could of and should of notions we could have done differently. Most of us, however, seem to look forward to the future, as uncertain as these times have proven themselves to be. What has bubbled to the top for just about everyone, is a newfound appreciation for good health.  What is also resurfacing is an appreciation for practices, ways, traditions, and remedies of the past. One we believe in whole heartedly at TRU47 is the world of aroma therapy; in their purest form, known as therapeutic botanic inhalants.

Ancient Pyramids


Age old remedies that go back for centuries are now surfacing in spas, resorts and retail boutiques, everywhere. They have been proven to offer restorative ways to support well-being – mind, body and soul. Many remedies include the formulation of herbs, natural botanicas, rituals and valuable modalities such as body rubs and yes, even mud. The surging interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is yet another sign of the times. Aroma Therapy is among the most popular which led TRU47 to create an amazing, distinct line of organic, essential oils, all custom formulated to support certain benefits or mitigate specific conditions. What is distinct about our line is that all are infused with therapeutic grade colloidal silver in with pure organic essential oils. This allows for the wafting of beneficial anti-microbial scent free silver in the air.  Over 19 different creations exist, all in elegant silver bottles. Three different diffusers are also featured, and all are portable.

Silver Thread and Thimble

AND -- WHAT’S NEW IS REALLY NOT SO NEW – Just newly appreciated

We also welcome the new year with new ways of looking at the world and also our health and wellbeing.  Whether it is technologies, futuristic tools such as AI or a newfound appreciation of earlier scientific attributes of natural elements – such as heat regulating thermal conductive properties, there is a great deal to be appreciated.

TRU47 lives – and loves - in the world of silver – both to protect us challenging bacteria, fungi and viruses and also enhancing our well-being from skin to scalp.  Silver is also the best thermal conductive element – known as a noble element, that creates comfort.  The thermal conductivity attributes of silver account for a great benefit provided by fabrics that are made and plated with pure silver yarns and threads. The property of thermal conductivity is actually measured in Watts per meter per degree – for science folks, this is recognized as Kelvin, W/M°K. It’s what makes silver so high in thermal conductivity because of its as electron configuration. 

The best thermally conductive material is known to be the diamond which has an even simpler in structure than silver. However, silver stands alone at the top of the thermally conductive elements list; copper and gold follow closely behind – and is also a tad more affordable that gold – and diamonds.

One of the great things about apparel and everyday accessories that TRU47 is just debuting now is that all garments are made with thermally conductive silver yarns, fabrics, and threads. It actually eliminates what is known as hot spots or cold spots and the silver balances the temperatures by conducting the warmth across the surface area of the garments. This benefit makes TRU47’s new silver infused jersey Modal pillowcases extremely comfortable enhancing sleep and inducing a relaxing state.  Another amazing benefit of pure silver is that is it an EMF/RF shield protecting us again the impact of 4,5 and 6G Wi-Fi. Some of us are sensitive to these pings and radiations, others not. We will be hearing more on this topic in the days ahead.  TRU47 will be expanding its line of Silver based Wellness Wearables – where fashion meets function.