Which TRU47 Silver Mask is Best for My Situation?

Which TRU47 Silver Mask is
Best for My Situation?

It appears that masks are here to stay - at least for the next few months. And as retailers, cities, towns, and counties across the nation mandate or encourage use, more and more masks are hitting the market.

Variety is excellent, but when faced with so many options, which mask should you choose? 

We know people have their favorite makers and designers, too; and we don’t comment on other’s masks and face shields as a rule. However, we do insights into the many different masks and face shields for social distancing that we have created; all are currently in stock and now available for purchase. There's one thing of which we're sure: TRU47 masks are unlike any others currently on the market.


Which TRU47 Silver Mask is Best for My Situation?


The Difference is in the Design 

One of the unique things that set TRU47 masks apart from the rest is the materials used, most notably, two precious metals – silver and copper. 

Each TRU47 mask is made of 99.99% pure silver, using ionically plated silver material and not an inferior process using nanotechnology. Some hear the word “nano” and think this is the latest and greatest and technically advanced - however, not in the case of silver. 

Pure silver is scientifically proven and known to have antimicrobial properties for inhibiting the growth of bacteria and germs. The ionic process involves an extremely thin rip stop nylon cord that is literally bathed and plated in silver. If cared for well, the silver will never come off flake off. 

In addition to silver, some of our masks are now available with an outer layer of pure copper. Because copper is known to have antiviral properties, this is another benefit to many. 

Moreover, TRU47 masks can be worn for months, even years. As silver is a precious metal, they do cost a bit more than the cheap disposable masks, or cotton styles that require constant washing, so they are more of an initial investment upfront. In the long run, however, you’re saving a great deal as they are reusable and, therefore, more economical. 

What options are available, and which TRU47 Silver Masks are best for your situation? We currently off the following types of masks, available in adult and children sizes:

  • Silver Mesh Mask (Cup or Pleated)
  • Copper and Silver Face Mask (Cup or Pleated)
  • Pure Silver Mask (Cup or Pleated)
  • Kids Silver Mesh Masks for Big Kiddos and Little Ones 

To help you choose the right one, we’ve compiled some of our most common FAQs.

How many layers are in TRU47 masks? 

All TRU47 Silver Mesh masks include two layers of 99% pure ionically plated silver. The Pure Silver “woven” masks are made from a single layer of 99.99% pure ionically plated silver; both on durable fine Ripstop Nylon. 

The Copper and Silver social distancing masks include two interior layers of 99.99% Pure Silver mesh on the inside. One, our CUP style, has a pure Copper non-woven fabric on the outside layer. Our pleated Copper mask has one layer of densely woven Copper on the outer layer. Copper is well known to be an excellent anti-viral element. 

Also, all of our masks are designed to help wearers meet the necessary CDC guidance when that criterion is recommended. This suggests that masks be worn to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria by limiting the "spray" emitted from an individual's mouth when they speak, talk, laugh, yell and sing etc. 

Though TRU47 masks contain antimicrobial pure silver, it’s important to note they are only for social distancing; none are not N95, surgical, or medical-grade masks. 

What is the difference between the Pure Silver and the Silver Mesh masks?

What is the difference between the Pure Silver and the Silver Mesh masks?

Both masks are great for wearing when out and about, whether to the supermarket, work, school, while exercising, or when entering crowded areas where social distancing is not a consistent option. At TRU47, we do believe masks should be worn even when social distances are easily met. 

The slight variation in how we leverage our proprietary technologies, impacts the feel of our different styles. Pure Silver Masks, which are the non-mesh version, are composed of a very tightly woven fabric, which again, is literally bathed in silver. This makes it slightly denser than our Silver Mesh masks and a little warmer on the face. 

Both are reusable and long-lasting. Since both are composed of 99.99% pure silver, neither needs regular washing, though you can wash them if desired by swishing around lightly in warm/cool water with a dab of mild soap, then allowing the mask to air dry when finished. They dry very quickly, and even wearing while damp is very fine as moisture speeds up ionization a tiny bit—a good thing. On hot days in sunny climates, this can be refreshing. 

Additionally, both are eco-friendly and economical when compared to disposable masks. 

What is the benefit of an extra copper layer if I’m considering the Copper and Silver mask? 

Copper has long been known to have excellent antiviral properties. When combined with silver, which is known for its antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal properties, this provides an additional layer to help deflect pesky germs in densely populated or high-traffic areas. 

Because of the additional layer, compared to our Silver Pure and Silver Mesh masks, the Copper and Silver mask is denser and should be considered when gauging breathability between masks. We are proud to also note that our copper is known as “copper-copper," which means it is a very high-grade pure copper all the way through 

Copper is an unstable element, so it is often mixed with other alloys for stabilization, not TRU47 copper. As a result, it can show oxidation blemishes more easily. These spots can easily show up when one’s fingers touch the copper as all skin has some oil in its makeup, even if not seen or felt to the touch. A simple mixture of white vinegar and salt erases the oxidation markings. The formula is on our website under FAQs. 

Which masks are the best for indoors and outdoors? 

All TRU47 masks can be worn indoors and outdoors. Since our Silver Mesh mask is considered highly breathable, it's often preferred for outdoor recreational activities, like hiking, biking, walking, running, etc. and it is also the most desirable by people who must wear masks all day long. 

Since indoor activities outside of one’s home or private quarters can often leave individuals vulnerable to highly populated areas, the Pure Silver and Copper and Silver masks may be a preferable option even psychologically, especially for places like stores, gyms, hospitals, doctor's offices, public transportation, and other locations that are considered “high-traffic.” 

Which mask is easiest to breathe in?

All TRU47 Silver Mesh masks are considered our most breathable masks.

Which mask is best for exercise and recreation? 

Because the TRU47 Silver Mesh masks are highly breathable, they are the best masks available for running, exercising, hiking, and playing sports.


Are TRU47 masks good or children? 

As children head back to school or join you in activities outside the home, you must protect them from the dangers presented by viruses and bacteria. 

Our TRU47 masks are available in Kids and BIG kids’ sizes, making it easier to find a mask that correctly fits your child. Because they are so breathable, children tend to wear them longer and consistently.

And some little girls – and big girls, too - have shared they really like the silver “dazzle.” Regarding sizing it can be a but tricky because some young children can have fuller faces and some older ones, thinner ones; but generally speaking, our KIDS fit young people from 3-9 years old most often and the BIG Kids, from 10 on up.


Since your masks include Copper, a metal, and Silver, a precious metal, many have asked us if they are, they subject to discoloration? 

As counter institutive as it may seem from traditional thoughts about silver as a color, the fact is pure silver is colorless. When pure silver is fabricated into textiles and yarns are plated, environmental factors may alter the appearance of the hues and color of the silver. This is particularly true when the fibers are exposed to light, heat, moisture, and humidity.

As such, masks can take on their traditional silver hue or appear as a slight bronze color. In addition to environmental conditions, the color of your masks can change based on your body chemistry. 

For example, sweat and medications (some vitamins with sulfate in them) have been known to make the silver color quite dark. It is important to note, however, that any difference of one silver to another or change in coloration does not impact efficacy at all, and the masks will maintain their 99.99% Pure Silver and Pure Copper properties.


Why are TRU47 Masks different from other silver products on the market? 

Some silver products are created through Nanotechnology, which “coats” materials (vs plating). Mini particles and molecules are embedded into a fiber, very often a polyester. When used, this process can lead to the release of silver molecular flecks. These silver-coated particles can even get into the skin and respiratory system; and has been reported to be potentially compromising if it gets into one’s skin. 

Further, silver products that made using Nanotechnology are not environmentally friendly, a stark contrast from TRU47 masks. TRU47 does not use Nanotechnology to create any products, and therefore, our masks offer the full benefit of silver without the potential hazards that inferior products carry. As a result, TRU47 masks are the safer option when compared to products, like masks, that cut corners by using Nanotechnology. 

With regard, to copper there are some masks and face shields that claim, they have copper particles in interior layers and a cotton or fabric outer one. Unless the copper is exposed to the exterior, having embedded interior copper is not effective.