Why we should care about the harmful effects of EMFs?

Why we should care about the harmful effects of EMFs?

EMFs, are electromagnetic fields. Simply stated, they are invisible areas of energy or radiation associated with the use of electrical power, both natural and manmade. They have been around since the birth of our universe and are present everywhere in our environment; this includes the earth, sun and ionosphere are all natural sources of beneficial EMFs. Humanmade sources include electric power plants, appliances, microwaves, computers and cell phones, to mention the most popular. More high tech devices are being developed at rapid paces and are here to stay. Each of these emit unnatural frequencies that can throw our bodies’ electrical systems off balance.

A great deal has already been published about the harmful impact of EMFs on our bodies. This information is also gaining in mainstream public awareness. Much, however, is still unknown. Only the future will bear out the long term after affects which are yet to be fully realized and evaluated. Although more information is fast coming on the scene– some of it is white-washed with only the features of high tech devices and appliances touted. Community, advocacy groups and many new websites are at the same time surfacing. Red flags are being raised. Another concerning fact is that Radio Towers and Wi-fi radiation is not a regulated industry. Making base information digestible and understandable is our goal; not esoteric, jargon or scientific-speak many of us don’t understand.

There is some positive news that is coming on the scene at the same time in response to the the proliferation of tower expansions, radiation residue and electro pollution, There are easy ways we can take action into our own hands and mitigate the negative impact and fortify ourselves.  

Who is Impacted?
Truth is, we all are. Some people are extremely sensitive to EMFs, RFs, 5G and Wi-Fi radiation waves. Others feel no impact and have no idea why there is any concern whatsoever. They ask “what’s the big deal”? Most enthusiastically celebrate all the advantages that new modern technologies afford.

Going back in history there are many unaddressed harmful scenarios, however, they are only evident after the fact. These include lead in paint, asbestos in materials, toxins in water from factories dumping residues - and much more. Then there is of course, cigarette smoking and the lasting damaging effects on people’s health, from lung cancer, to COPD, to respiratory illnesses, heart disease and more. 

We are all electric beings and we have our own magnetic fields. Our bodies function electrically. All our organs including the heart, lungs and brains send electrical signals through our nervous systems to help us pump blood, breathe and move which means every single cell in our bodies is conductive.  Everyone needs to be aware and concerned.

A number of new modern day technologies, including “Smart” interior appliances, which are gaining in popularity and showing up in both new and remodeled homes, can unknowingly negatively impact our health and well-being. People don’t realize that there are EMFs in high tech everyday appliances in their homes. Among them - microwaves which are used everyday; also fancy washers and dryers, security systems – all emitting harmful waves of electricity. This is where, Smart infact can be dumb.

Among the Many Compromising effects are the following

  • Increase in “oxidative stress” through an increase in free radicals which can cause damage to our DNA
  • Inviting in unhealthy toxins due to a compromise of the blood-brain barrier
  • Potential increases in susceptibility to certain types of cancer and chronic maladies

*Decline in our immune response due to decreases in white and red blood cell counts

*Decreases in white & red blood cell counts and more limiting immune responses

  • Possible adverse effects on our neurological systems which that can affect our state of mental health
  • Changes in hormone levels, including melatonin which impact sleep and increase insomnia and also reported to compromise reproductive hormones
  • Everyday and hard to relieve conditions such as headaches.

So, what can you do to mitigate your exposure to harmful EMFs? Some effective are noted below
Shut off the electricity to your bedroom at night.

When using your cellphone, use the speakerphone and hold the phone at least 3 feet away from you. 

When you are not using you cell phone, put it in airplane mode.

Don’t place you cell phone in a packet or tucked in under garments – and never on a pregnant belly 

Get rid of using wireless Earbuds 

Hardwire your computers at home, if possible 

Wear apparel that is EMF shielding and protective, especially garments that protect vital parts of your body and key organs. 

Near and near and dear to our hearts is to get grounded. 

The Benefits of Grounding
Grounding, also known as earthing, results in getting the nourishing, natural electrons from the earth into your body. It is a great broad-spectrum health promotion that can help protect your health under most all circumstances and helps return your body to a more healthy state of homeostasis. In Get Grounded, Get Well- Connect to the Earth to Improve Your health and Well-Being, that I had the privilege of co-authoring with Dr. Stephen Sinatra, an esteemed pioneer in the grounding arena and famed cardiovascular surgeon, and entire chapter (chapter 10 to be specific) to the impact of EMFs on one’s health and ways to further mitigate the negative impact. 

What about the impact on children and pets? 
Wi-Fi and other EMF sources are reported to be especially problematic for children because they don’t have defense mechanisms to fight the effects of this constant threat. Kids tend to also be more vulnerable to WIFI health effects and other electropollution than adults because they’re smaller. Their skulls are thinner, and their brain tissues are more absorbent. Research shows that children’s brains absorb twice as much electromagnetic radiation as adult brains. Even unborn babies are prone to WIFI dangers in utero according to research. Technological advances do not appear to be slowing down or  becoming more regulated anytime soon. The good news, however, is that there are many ways to block and mitigate the harmful affects of EMFs and radiation waves with children as well. We encourage taking even simple steps to reduce exposure. Our four legged friends are also susceptible to the negative impact of radiation waves, especially small creatures with not a lot of fur to shield their skin. The rate of cancer has increased dramatically over the last ten years – some attributed to highly processed foods in kibbles. Some veterinarians believe EMFs are also contributors to an animal’s weakened immune systems as well.