Image with Hearts for Valentine's Day

Healthy Tips to Take
to Heart this Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, we traditionally share our feelings with the ones we love, indulging them with chocolate, pampering them with heartfelt gifts, hugging them with wishes and kisses that speak volumes about their importance in our lives.

And as we do, we often forget one very important person in the process. Ourselves. Self-love is key to ensuring we live the best possible life, physically, mentally and emotionally. And lest you think it’s selfish to think of yourself, think again. The fact is you can’t be there for your loved ones if you’re not there for yourself. So, taking care of your health, and making healthy lifestyle changes is something you can do for them too. 

Self-Love Tips to Give Back to Yourself

Eat smart. Making small yet simple changes to your diet may make a big difference, like eating organic, avoiding sugar and processed foods, and adding more fresh fruit and veggies to your daily meals. We also suggest wiping down that produce with our SilverCleenz wipes, made of 99.9% pure silver to inhibit germs, to wipe away pesky residue that may be lurking on the surface!

Get active. Try your best to incorporate physical activity into your routine every day. Set aside time to talk a walk in the park, and bring your pets along, to keep you both happy and healthy. To make sure you don’t walk into a cloud of germs someone else may have left behind, wear one of our Silver scarves or masks, designed to shield you from harmful droplets that may drop in on you as you are out and about.

Stay motivated. Everyone has "off" days. We do too. Just try to remember improving your lifestyle is a long-term goal. Remind yourself to keep going, one step at a time and you’ll soon be charting a great new path for success! We recommend keeping one of our silver-based nasal inhalers handy to give you an added boost during the day, like our Fortify+ for immunity and Java Jolt to help boost energy, enhance mood and spirit, often better than a cup of Joe!

Protect your health. Keeping clear of germs, bacteria and viruses are critical during the times we live in. Washing your hands is a great way to wash away potential pathogens. Hand sanitizers too make short work of bacteria bad guys when you’re out and about, as do masks made of material that keeps opportunistic airborne germs from finding refuge in your airways.

Our products are all designed to protect your well-being that because they are made with 99.9% pure silver, time tested, scientifically studied and medically accepted throughout history as a natural antibiotic.

So, this Valentine’s Day, put yourself at the top of your love list, and take care of your health. And while you’re at it, you may want to share a gift of silver with your loved ones too!