Woman Sneezing from Seasonal Allergies: TRU47 Silver Solutions

Misty Silver Solutions to Dampen
Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

There’s a change in the air every year around this time. The unmistakable chill that greets the dawn, the dimming light at the end of a shortened day.

The familiar smell of a wood-burning fire, the welcome warmth of hot mulled cider, apple rich and sweet going down. Images of falling leaves and long, lazy autumnal walks bring with them memories of people and years past, and often teary eyes at the mere thought of them.

Fall allergies can be a big problem as the weather turns, turning magical moments into misty ones for those of us who suffer from seasonal hay fever and allergies.

While dust mites and pollen are common during the humid summer months, these allergens can get stirred into the air the first time you turn on your heat in the fall, re-triggering sneezes, wheezes, and runny noses.

Mold is another fall trigger. Mold doesn’t only grow in damp areas in the house. You’ll find mold spores multiplying in those damp decaying leaves you rake in pikes outside at this time of the year.

And like pollen, those mold spores can stick to your hair, skin, and clothing – and pets so there’s a good chance those unseen fall irritants are hitching a ride right under your nose and into your house. 

Slow the seasonal allergies with our TRU47 tips:

✔️ Wear a face mask when you rake leaves outdoors to avoid breathing in mold spores. Our custom collection of Sanitized Masks and Face Coverings are just what the doctor ordered to keep allergens at bay. 

Made with 99.99% pure ionically plated silver, in addition to copper and jersey fabrics, each is woven with pure silver thread. Silver is scientifically proven to be a powerful antimicrobial. Copper is a known anti-viral deterrent, providing extra protection and filtration in highly populated and polluted environments.

✔️ Throw your clothes into the washer and head straight for the shower, Silver Soap and Silver Creme in hand, when you are done with your daily activities. Our soaps are all natural, and infused with essential oils and colloidal silver with the added benefit of disinfecting and sanitizing your skin while washing away bacteria and germs.

Use our Silver Creme to moisturize and nourish your skin after your shower, adding more natural protection against invasive bacteria.

✔️ Brush or wipe down pets after walks. Fall allergens can hitchhike on your dog or cat when they come back inside after frolicking in the fallen leaves outside, making themselves at home on your couch, bed, or wherever else your pet likes to hang out.

Simply spritz your pets and their favorite places with our Doggie Spritz (which is also amazing for kitty cats too), and you’ll be sending those unwanted germs away.

✔️ Leave your shoes outside or clean them as soon as you step inside. Forget dirt and mud—you could be traipsing pollen and mold throughout the house.

Spritz them down with our Fresh Feet Spritz or wipe away mold spores and more with a Stellarcleenz cloth, laboratory tested and scientifically proven to kill 99% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses each and every time you use them.

 ✔️  Use nasal inhalers to help minimize nasal swelling, which causes a stuffy, runny, or itchy nose. Our Immune Boost Inhalers can help relieve seasonal discomfort and support immunity and well-being.

Our Allergy Relief Inhalers can provide non-drowsy relief from seasonal discomfort, runny and itchy noses, sneezing, scratchy throats and watery eyes. Organic Essential Oils, Trace Minerals, Himalayan Sea Salts and Colloidal Silver are all-natural ingredients to help protect against many bacteria, viruses and germs. 

✔️ Before you turn on your heat for the first time, clean your heating vents and change the filter. Bits of mold and dust mites can get trapped in the vents over the summer and will fill the air as soon as you start the furnace.

Wipe off the vents in your house with a StellarCleenz Cloth and spritz them to clean away those nasty irritants with our specially formulated Silver Spritz, allowing the heat in and not the mold or mites.

✔️ Take back your health as you turn back time this fall, and carry a supply of TRU47 silver products in your pocket or purse. Our mists, wipes and masks are designed to go where you go, keeping you protected from harmful germs out to make you sneeze!

Stay safe, warm and healthy as the seasons change and the clocks fall back, and enjoy those misty mornings with the antimicrobial power of silver at your side.