Silver Education

The TRUth Behind Spring Fever
and Ways to Overcome Seasonal Discomforts

Spring is in bloom, a relieving season for some who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and afflicting others who are prone to allergies and impacted by spring fever. TRU47 has some silver remedies to help you enjoy the season.

The Beauty of Botanicals
and How They Can Benefit Your Health
Essential Oils are derived by extracting the pure pressed essence of botanicals, plants, flowers, roots and peels and have been used for centuries for their health, immunity and mood enhancing benefits.
The History of Essential Oils and Their Many Uses
Essential oils have been used throughout history for their diverse healing properties and health benefits. Learn more about how the pure essence of plants have been used as aroma and therapeutic aids...
Five Ways to Build Resilience
and Bounce Back in 2022
A key word that will help get us through difficult times is resilience. It is not only applicable, as we have all learned to cope through a pandemic, but it may very well be the word of the decade. By...
Healthy Tips to Take
to Heart this Valentine’s Day
Valentine's Day is a day for sending heart-felt gifts and giving extra attention to our list of sweethearts, but we often forget one person. Ourselves. Here are some self-love tips to give back to yourself.

Many health experts agree that wearing masks is a critical public health tool for preventing spread of the virus. Despite the debate about which masks offer the most protection, the majority say any mask is better than no mask.

Antibacterial Silver Face Masks:
How They Work and Scientific Benefits

TRU47 Sanitized Silver Antimicrobial Masks offer a great alternative to single-use masks. Learn more about the science behind antibacterial masks.

Inhale, Exhale… Mindful, Deep Breathing Practices for Better Health
Breathe easier when it comes to your good health in 2022.
With 2021 in the rear-view mirror, we are looking forward to a new year where we can all breathe a...
New Year’s Resolutions Reimagined
Make choices, not rules

TRU47 is cheering you on to meet all of your New Year’s Resolutions and aspirations in 2022. For greater success, take micro-steps to achieve your goals. You’ve got this!

Be a Silver Star for the Holidays
Let your silver shine this season. Dress and feel your best too when wearing our fashionable and functional silver masks, scarves and silver woven gloves while attending holiday festivities. 
Silver Gifts: Essentials for All on Your List
Naturally resistant to germs and bacteria, silver is also sustainable and self-sanitizing. Tis the season to give silver. Here are TRU47 silver gift essentials for everyone on your holiday list.
TRU47 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Tis the Season for Giving Gifts of Wellness! Get out your list and check it twice, then pick from our TRU47 silver gift guide where you will find something for everyone.

Let Your Silver Shine This Holiday Season
Bring out your best silver to show your family and friends how much you care this holiday season. Silver, no matter what shape or size, is the best way to keep germs at bay.
Help us Make Giving Tuesday
Last Through the Holiday Season
As our way of participating in Giving Tuesday, TRU47 will donate a pair of silver gloves for every purchase to a shelter in need through the month of December.
Let’s Talk Turkey About Germs
and How to Inhibit Them

We all need to remain hyper-vigilant to avoid spreading germs during our Thanksgiving gatherings and festivities with family and friends. Learn how the power of silver can help. 

Misty Silver Solutions to Dampen
Seasonal Allergy Symptoms
Dealing with those traditional seasonal sneezes? Learn how to dampen the harshness of fall allergy season with these tips from the TRU47 team.
A Silver Salute to Our Veterans

As a dedication to those who fought for our freedom, TRU47 will donate 10% to for every purchase made on Veterans Day. 

Halloween History and
Masks in Modern Times
Halloween is rooted in folklore, where masks are a big part of Halloween, but in modern times, wearing masks for safety may be part of the celebration.
Seasonal Fall Favorites:
Activities & Festivities
Fall is a favorite season, full of activities, festivities, shopping days, holidays and sporting events. Breathe easier and stay safe with TRU47 Silver products.
Silver, Water and Earth Science Week

As the world celebrates Earth Science Week this October, TRU47 looks at the historical health benefits of silver, and how it's been used as an antibacterial agent for healthier water.

Hi Yo Silver, Away!

What does TRU47 have in common with the Lone Ranger? Silver! A precious metal that can be a silver bullet to fend of bacterial foes.