Silver Education

The Essentials of Skin Care,
Summer Into Fall
Let’s face it. Our skin can take a beating during the summer months due to exposure to the sun. TRU47 offers Silver skincare toners for the changing seasons.
Hats Off to Labor Day!
It’s here, the official well-earned day off for workers around the world, and the unofficial last day of summer. Learn more about the history Labor Day.
Silver Solutions for Back to School
While summer may still be in full swing, it’s back to school time for kids of all ages. TRU47 features silver superheroes for back packs to keep kiddos safe.
A Precautionary Tale Amidst the Current COVID Confusion
With all the conflicting advice, vaccination concerns, and mixed-up mandates surrounding masks and COVID these days, we’d like to weigh in with a precautionary tale of our own.
Top 7 Benefits of Silver in Your Face Toner
Beautiful healthy skin starts with the products you use. Here are eight reasons why you should consider face toners with colloidal silver.
Masks 2.0: Variant Back
Why Masks are Still Used
The Delta variant is on the rise, and many people are asking if it’s time to return to masks. Read on to find out when to consider masking up.
Are There Benefits to Wearing
A Mask After Being Vaccinated?

As the pandemic and related guidelines evolve, many are left asking, should you wear a mask after you...

Consider Replacing Sanitizers with
Silver Spritz to Inhibit Germs

From the common cold to other airborne ailments, germs stand ready to wreak havoc on our lives. Find out why Silver Spritz may be just the right alternative to fight germs.

Lasting Lessons We've Learned from Covid
If there’s one thing we’ve learned from a lifetime of experiences, there’s an upside to every downside. 
Shower Him with Silver this Father’s Day
Originally established back in 1910 on the third Sunday in June to honor fathers everywhere, Father’s Day did not officially become a permanent annual national holiday until 1972
Does Your Dog Have Skin Irritations?
We Have the Natural Solution.
Many animal owners are familiar with the signs of their pet’s dermatological issues: red patches, non-stop licking and chewing, prolonged scratching, etc.
Seeking Natural Seasonal Allergy Relief?
Here Are Some Tips
Sick of OTC allergy meds and unwanted side effects? Custom formulated inhalers with colloidal silver can
Finding the Silver Linings in Travel
The pandemic sure has changed a lot about the way we live and what we love to do. Think about it.
Silver Linings on Mother’s Day
It’s Mother’s Day, a special time to honor all those who have given their hearts and souls to their families so that they will thrive throughout their lives. 
Be Fashionable with Our Silver Scarves
While Protecting Yourself from Bacteria
Look great and fight germs morning till night with our silver scarves. Silvers long-known powers help limit exposure to unwanted germs, viruses, and bacteria. 
Silver Mesh Mask: Your Go-To
for Warm Weather and Sports
Qualities matter before choosing the proper mask for recreation, exercise, and athletic activities. It makes a big difference in your ability to perform.
Does Double Masking Truly
Help Slow the Spread of Disease?
Is one mask enough, and does double masking help decrease the risk to you or those around you? We address this answer in our latest blog.
Discarded Face Masks Are Polluting
the Earth: Here's the Solution
They’ve allowed us to go in public to shop, go to work, and in some cases send our kids to school and gather with friends and loved ones.  
History of the Face Mask:
From 6th Century BC to 2021
Face masks, in the broadest sense, have been around for thousands of years. Early masks were likely made of natural materials and cloth.
How to Remain Positive in
the Face of Turmoil in 2021
Struggling with turmoil that continued into 2021? Here are a few ideas to help you cope and remain positive throughout the year.
Colloidal Silver Benefits Explained:
The Natural Germ Fighter
The hunt for natural and chemical-free household products can be exhausting. For many consumers, though, it’s a journey worth taking. Learn more here.